• Advanced Nutrients

    If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money. Why? Because their products weren’t designed for the crops you grow.

    One person understood this – Michael Straumietis, the man that would revolutionize hydroponics by becoming the owner of Advanced Nutrients, one of the most popular nutrient brands in the marketplace. Our products and our company have been featured in leading magazines, such as Forbes, Playboy and Rosebud.

    We’ve got a team of top scientists working night and day to make products that will make your grow room produce bigger, tastier, and more plentiful crops. The plants you grow have special needs. Through rigorous testing, Advanced Nutrients became the first to discover these unique needs.

    And we’ve designed products that give your crops exactly what they need when they need it.

    That’s because no other company works as hard for you as we do.

  • One Minute Cannabist


    The One Minute Cannabist: Offers private one on one consulting services for anyone interested in exploring the world of medicinal cannabis. Also available is our book, which explores how and why cannabis works, getting past the stigma of its use, therapy options and common sense implementation, all in an easy understand and quick to read format. It’s a perfect resource for those new to cannabis or for those wanting a refresher.