• Colorado Harvest Company


    Colorado Harvest Company serves retail and medical customers an extensive selection of the finest quality edibles, extracts, concentrates, and naturally grown marijuana flower. Founded in 2009, the company leads the evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry with quality product innovations, great values, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

  • DiscoverCBD.com


    Buy CBD oil online! Huge selection of capsules, tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles and more shipped to all 50 states since 2015! When it became obvious there was an immense need, as shown by the multitudes of entire families that were uprooting themselves to come to Colorado just for CBD products, the vision for DiscoverCBD was formed. With the introduction of Industrial hemp-derived CBD products, they can finally bring the health benefits of CBD to the masses! DiscoverCBD.com

  • Harvest


    Harvest’s goal is to create a medical marijuana dispensary experience where safety, education, and convenience are paramount.

  • RX-C


    Whether you have never used it in your life, returning for the first time since your youth or a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, RX-C offers the highest quality selection of organic products in a professional setting. Our trained consultants provide expert guidance to help you understand and navigate the new world of medicinal cannabis, ensuring you make the best selections for maximum therapeutic results.

    Strictly medical. Specializing in newbies and baby boomers. Serving California.

  • SpeedWeed


    California’s Best, Most Highly Rated Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. SpeedWeed believes every legal patient should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary. Orders shipped overnight throughout California or on-demand in select areas (Los Angeles County, Orange County, Long Beach County).

  • Starbuds

    Discover the natural benefits of Colorado’s best Neighborhood Marijuana Dispensary, where Medical and Recreational customers come for caring service and quality cannabis products.

  • The Niagara Herbalist

    The Niagara Herbalist is one of the first Recreational Cannabis Retail Store to open in Ontario. The Niagara Herbalist are a family owned and operated business in St Catharines, Ontario.