Consultant Services

  • Blackline Land Management Group


    Blackline Land Management Group is a privately owned multinational that has focused entities providing full-service consulting (licensing to launch and sustained operations), energy, distribution, product development and real estate related services. We focus on accelerating, developing, commercializing and selling various cross-sectional, integrated industry products as a single-source entity.

    Our mission is to curate and develop blue ocean strategies by identifying the white board spaces within industry and then executing scalable, technology-driven solutions to solve those critical business needs in a socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible manner, while giving back to society through grants, scholarships and/or donations.

  • Helix Cannabis Security

    (720) 328-5372 EXT. 1

    Customized end-to-end security services to protect your cannabis business. From comprehensive digital security systems to physical guards, our team of highly-specialized security professionals are dedicated to protecting the legal cannabis industry and providing a friendly face to act as part of your brand.

    Employing exclusively veterans, ex-service members such as police, and former high-risk monitoring professionals, our team has seen first-hand the value that cannabis has for the world and for patients, and we are committed to protecting it and safeguarding your business’ future.

  • Revolution Enterprises


    Revolution Enterprises is changing the way people worldwide think about and access high-quality cannabis. Our brands strategically capture distinct segments of this rapidly evolving marketplace, and are unified by our ethos that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and cannabis.

  • Titanium Diamond Consulting Solutions


    Titanium Diamond Consulting Solutions aims is to help connect patients with the necessary resources while aiding entrepreneurs, investors, growers and all other professions in the cannabis industry.

  • Urban-Gro


    urban-gro’s products maximize the economic yield of Cannabis cultivation facilities across the country. We provide commercial grade LED and HPS grow light systems, integrated pest management, automated fertilization / irrigation solutions, and a complete line of water treatment solutions.