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  • 420 Card Processing


    We are a leading provider of credit card processing services for medical marijuana related businesses.

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  • California Bankers Association


    The California Bankers Association is in business to help its member banks – regardless of their size or specialization – to succeed in California’s dynamic marketplace.

    As a CBA member, you have access to a wealth of resources not available to other financial institutions or service providers, resources that directly impact your bottom line.

    New laws and regulations directly affect your ability to conduct business the way you want or need to conduct business. To this end, CBA maintains a full staff of in-house lobbyists to help shape legislative proposals to reflect the interests of our membership.

  • Canna Transact


    Partnering with banks and credit unions in states like Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada who offer banking to legal marijuana retailers, producers, and processors means CannaTransact is in a unique position to assist our customers in obtaining access to legitimate bank accounts.

    Banking partners choose to work with CannaTransact because of our expertise in delivering high-quality electronic payments solutions to customers while we aid financial institutions in addressing the stringent regulatory and compliance requirements for banking in the legal marijuana industry.

  • Dama Financial


    Dama Financial provides cannabis-related businesses with access to a secure banking solution that offers a safe, reliable and more convenient way to manage business transactions, without the safety risk of keeping a large amount of cash on hand. Clients can pay vendors, utility services and taxes electronically, get paid electronically and have cash picked up and deposit by an armored courier. In addition to the 24/7 online account center, Clients enjoy exceptional service from a dedicated Relationship Manager. Deposits are held in a US-based bank account. For more information and to apply for an account, visit For questions, contact Dama Financial at 877-401-3262 or [email protected]

  • Summit Peak Credit

    (888) 646-4950

    Summit Peak Credit is an Asset Based non-bank Lender for the Legal Cannabis Industry. SPC understands the lack of banking, capital, and liquidity available to businesses in the Legal Cannabis Industry therefore our primary focus is on debt financing secured by real estate, equipment and other hard assets.

    SPC is a portfolio lender, makes all under-writing decisions in house and our loan servicing team assists borrowers throughout the life cycle of the loan.

  • Swift Capital


    - The right funding can unleash the full potential of a business.

    We believe that business owners should be able to access the money they need, when they need it, based on the strength of their business. The difficulty of getting a loan from a bank has not improved with the times - the process remains long, labor intensive, and uncertain.

    - With data, technology, and great people, we created a better solution.

    Our team understands where banks can let you down, and we are committed to building a better, smarter way. We use the latest technology combined with a team of Business Funding Experts to get our customers the best of both worlds: fast funding and personalized service.

    - And, we're continually finding ways to improve.

    We're always working to improve how we do things to make our customer's experience faster, simpler, and more helpful. We believe in the potential of small business, and we believe business owners should have the resources they need to reach that potential.