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A new study published by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabinoid receptor activation – something done naturally by cannabis – may provide a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term disease that causes inflammation of the joints and tissues.

“Recent studies have suggested immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2R) activation”, states the study’s abstract.  Despite these recent studies, researchers say that the connection between these cannabinoid receptors and rheumatoid arthritis has been much less observed, leading them to conduct this study.  According to their researchers, data suggests that “CB2R may be a potential therapeutic target of RA [rheumatoid arthritis].”


Medical marijuana grower with track record wants to cultivate pot in Central New York

Syracuse, N.Y. - The first U.S. public company allowed to raise money on the stock market to produce and sell medical marijuana wants to grow pot in Central New York.

Terra Tech Corp., of Irvine, Calif., plans to apply for a state license to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana in New York, said Derek Peterson, the company's CEO.

"We're looking at Central New York for cultivation," Peterson said. "If you want a retail footprint around the state, you want cultivation and production centrally located adjacent to major arteries to provide access to all the retail locations."

The company has not picked a Central New York location yet, he said. Peterson said dispensaries would be scattered around the state in places such as Ithaca, Albany, Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Legalization prompts potential entrepreneurs to learn about the business of marijuana

WASHINGTON — Now that marijuana is legal in the nation’s capital, prospective pot entrepreneurs gathered in a daylong conference Saturday to learn about the business of pot.

“We teach people how to grow, we teach regular citizens and potential dispensary owners and current dispensary owners on how to grow their own cannabis,” says David DeGraff, CEO of the Denver-based “Grow School.”

Business-minded people swarmed exhibitors’ tables like that of the Grow School and Montgomery Hydroponics.

“We have everything you would need for indoor gardening, HPS, high pressure sodium, hydroponic soil, whatever you wish,” says Daniel Sims, the owner of the Montgomery County based firm, Montgomery Hydroponics.

Some of Sims’ LED grow lights sell for $349 each.


A Patient Assistance Program For Medical Cannabis Use in Canada

Qualified patients to receive up to 30 grams of medical cannabis per month at no cost

Vaughan, ON February 24, 2015 – CannTrust Inc., a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis in Canada, today announced CannTrust Access, a comprehensive patient assistance program for medical cannabis compassionate use in Canada.

The CannTrust Access program is a Canadian first in medical cannabis programs and is available immediately to eligible Canadians whose health plans do not reimburse medical cannabis.


Office Manager and Bookkeeper job - Canna Advisors - Boulder, CO

Position Summary
Founded in 2012, Canna Advisors has earned one of the best track records in the cannabis industry for acquiring licenses, designing and building facilities and managing operations.

We are a small company that is growing rapidly. Everyone on our team has the mentality of jumping in where needed and working together to get things done. We need an office manager who can run a tight ship. This person needs to have confidence and tenacity.

This is a part time position assisting with general office duties and monthly accounting processes. Position starts at 20 hours a week with the likelihood to increase as the business grows.



CannLabs, Inc. Creating Custom Content Channel on

CannLabs, Inc. (OTCQB: CANL) today announced an agreement to create a custom content science channel on, The Denver Post’s cannabis-focused news and culture website. Launched in December of 2013 to cover legalized marijuana in Colorado, The Cannabist features news, strain reviews, recipes, store maps and more about the state’s expanding marijuana industry. Ricardo Baca, the nation’s first major newspaper marijuana editor, oversees the site.


Heliospectra AB hires DR. Sue Sisley as director of medicinal plant research

GÖTEBORG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2015—Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse cultivation and plant research, today announced that it has hired Dr. Sue Sisley as Director of Medicinal Plant Research.

As Director of Medicinal Plant Research at Heliospectra, Dr. Sisley provides the company with “in the field” knowledge and customer feedback. Working with growers to develop scalable medicinal plant growing methodologies, Dr. Sisley oversees data collection and reporting protocol with Heliospectra’s medicinal plant cultivators in the US, Canada and globally.


Regulators offer warning about prospective medical marijuana firms

Canadian securities regulators have issued a warning to investors about claims being made by would-be medical marijuana companies, saying a review has concluded many are providing deficient information when announcing plans to join the sector.

Securities commissions in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec teamed up to review press releases issued by 62 publicly traded companies announcing plans to become marijuana producers under a new federal program that opened last April. The program will permit private-sector companies to grow and sell marijuana under license from Health Canada.


GMP will NOT be enforcing tough new drug-driving law over concerns about the equipment

A tough new law against drug-driving comes into force next week - but Greater Manchester Police will not be enforcing it.

‘The biggest shake-up of drug-driving laws for 85 years’ will be rolled out by the Department for Transport next Monday.

Modelled on drink-driving testing, it places legal limits on eight illegal drugs and eight medicinal drugs.

The Department for Transport has set low limits for illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine and higher limits for the eight prescription drugs.

Police are meant to enforce the new laws with roadside saliva-testing kits followed by blood and urine tests at the station.


Time-Release Cannabis Pill Coming

As scientists and patients discover the pain-relief and healing properties of cannabis, more governments are legalizing the distribution of medical marijuana by prescription. Yet physicians remain uneasy about the way it’s administered (rolled up in smoking paper or dropped into a vaporizer) and the inability to measure exact dosages.

A two-year-old Israeli-American company, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, says it has a revolutionary technology to put the medicinal compounds of cannabis into a sustained-release capsule in standardized doses.


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