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Hemp Professors visit Mississippi county to research, educate; excited about potential of hemp industry

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A group of investors who call themselves The Hemp Professors visited the state to discuss the future of the hemp industry in one Mississippi county and the surrounding region. The Hemp Professors, from Wisconsin, offers Hemp-derived products for patients dealing with seizures, pain, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, sleep issues, and other ailments.

A breakfast was held with the Jefferson Davis County Economic Development and Chamber Partnership directors to introduce The Hemp Professors.


Some companies look to drop marijuana testing for new hires

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Amazon changed the way many people do business, going from local shops to click and order. Now, the company is stopping marijuana drug testing for new applicants.

It's expected to be a game-changer in how businesses attract new employees during the worker shortage we've experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


New York Prison Being Transformed Into $150 Million Cannabis Campus


The site of a former state prison in New York’s Hudson Valley is being transformed into a $150 million “cannabis campus” by Green Thumb Industries, one of the nation’s largest producers of legal marijuana. The planned facility at the former penitentiary in Warwick, New York will produce tens of thousands of pounds of cannabis for the state’s upcoming, recreational marijuana economy, which was legalized by legislators earlier this year.

Until 10 years ago, the 38-acre plot of land purchased by Green Thumb Industries (GTI) was part of the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, housing inmates sent to prison for marijuana offenses and other crimes. The institution dates back to 1914, when it was opened as a drug and alcohol treatment center known as the New York City Farm. 


Medical marijuana workers worry about possible changes to qualifying conditions

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With recent discussions in Helena on qualifications to get a medical marijuana card, some people are worried PTSD and chronic pain could be removed from the list. This move could impact over 39,000 licensed card holders in the state. The Economic Affairs Interim Committee talked about the marijuana program during a hearing last week. At a previous meeting, lawmakers talked about getting rid of PTSD and chronic pain as qualifiers for a medical marijuana card.


Arkansas's increased cannabis production won't solve the industry's affordability issue

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On Oct. 1, the opening of River Valley Relief Cultivation on Old Greenwood Road will give the River Valley its first medical marijuana growing facility. 

Scott Hardin, director of communications for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, said Amendment 8, which was passed by voters in 2016 to legalize medical marijuana, limits the number of growers in the state to eight. The state has reached its limit of eight growers.

Fort Smith was approved to grow cannabis in 2020 along with Grady and Hot Springs. They join Pine Bluff, Cotton Plant, Newport, Berryville and White Hall, which were approved in 2018.  


North Bay Cities Take Differing Approaches to Cannabis Dispensaries

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Sausalito, Marin County restrict businesses while Santa Rosa aspires to ‘mecca’ status

In 2016, California voters legalized recreational cannabis for adults, setting off a rush of entrepreneurs who wanted to enter the newly legal market.

Legalization was intended to uplift people impacted by decades of cannabis criminalization, but the rollout has not been the same across the state. Local governments are allowed to decide whether to allow cannabis businesses to operate, resulting in a complicated patchwork of regulations.


Cannabis Manufacturing Considerations: From Raw Materials to Finished Goods

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Facility layout and design are important components of overall operations, both in terms of maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the process(es) executed in a facility, and in meeting the needs of personnel. Prior to the purchase of an existing building or investing in new construction, the activities and processes that will be conducted in a facility must be mapped out and evaluated to determine the appropriate infrastructure and flow of processes and materials. In cannabis markets where vertical integration is the required business model, multiple product and process flows must be incorporated into the design and construction.


Helius Celebrates Female Leadership In Cannabis Sector

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Helius Therapeutics is taking time to reflect on Suffrage Day. On 19 September 1893, New Zealand became the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote.

Now 128 years on, New Zealand has its third female Prime Minister, and almost half of its Members of Parliament are female. Women leaders are also significantly represented across the business sector, with more playing leading roles in science and healthcare.

The country’s largest licenced medicinal cannabis company, Helius Therapeutics, is no exception. Not only is it New Zealand’s first medicinal cannabis business to gain a GMP Licence to Manufacture Medicines, but Helius is led by chief executive, Carmen Doran.


Marijuana Delivery Opens Door For Young Entrepreneurs

Marijuana delivered right to your door. Delivery for recreational cannabis started this summer and it has opened up a door for young entrepreneurs who may not have had the chance before.

Marijuana retailer Cultivate has teamed up with the app Lantern and We Can Deliver to bring orders to homes. And people of color are first in line to benefit from this new industry.


Police: Man delivering marijuana takes Uber to hospital after being shot in northeast Columbus

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Police are investigating a shooting in northeast Columbus that sent a man to the hospital.  

According to the Columbus Division of Police, around 12:51 a.m., Thursday, officers responded to the report of a person shot in the area of Magnolia Blossom Boulevard and Daffodil Drive.  

When officers arrived on scene, they found a gray Dodge Charger with several bullet holes in the driver’s door, as well as rifle casings near the vehicle, but were unable to locate a victim.  

Police say, about an hour later, an Uber arrived at St. Ann’s Hospital with the 21-year-old male victim who was suffering from gunshot wounds to his back, stomach and right arm.  


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