Native American Business Spearheads FDA and EU GMP Standards in Cannabis Industry

Native American Business Spearheads FDA and EU GMP Standards in Cannabis Industry

Prodigy Processing Solutions Partners with Refined Processes LLC to Establish First GMP-Compliant Pharmaceutical Cannabis Extraction Facility in the US.

Prodigy Processing Solutions ("Prodigy"), a leading innovator in GMP-compliant cannabis extraction technology, today announced its strategic partnership with Refined Processes LLC ("Refined"), a pioneering Native American-owned cannabis oil processing company. This collaboration aims to establish the first fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant pharmaceutical cannabis extraction facility in the United States.

Located on the Santa Ysabel Reservation in California, Refined operates under the auspices of tribal sovereign law, exempting it from stifling federal restrictions that encumber all state-licensed cannabis businesses. This unique legal status empowers Refined to legally ship products across state lines between Native American tribes throughout the U.S. and to a plethora of customers worldwide.

To seize this global opportunity, Refined is upgrading its existing processing lab with Prodigy's state-of-the-art GMP-compliant extraction equipment and consultive expertise to meet pharmaceutical GMP standards. Refined is presently in advanced negotiations with key pharmaceutical, retail, and distribution partners in the EU, Australia, and the Pacific Rim, poised to supply both precursor extracts and finished products under its retail brand, Sugar Bear Cannabis.

"Our partnership with Prodigy enables us to leverage their cutting-edge technology and deep expertise to broaden our reach and impact," said Aaron Thomas, CEO of Refined. "Our commitment to uniting the tribes of America through high-quality cannabis products distributed globally is brought one step closer by this partnership."

Thomas, a seasoned veteran in the cannabis industry and chemical engineer, boasts a distinguished track record of consulting, constructing, and managing numerous successful cannabis enterprises throughout California. His visionary approach now sets its sights on revolutionizing Native American cannabis oil extraction.

Unlike other cannabis equipment suppliers, Prodigy's USA-made extraction equipment, forged with 316L pharmaceutical stainless steel with full material traceability, meets or exceeds global GMP standards.

"By upgrading its lab to meet FDA cGMP and EU GMP compliance, Refined and its tribal sovereign nation partners are positioning themselves well ahead of all other U.S.-based cannabis extraction and processing operations," said Marc Beginin, CEO of Prodigy. "Refined is strategically positioning itself to collaborate with U.S. and international pharmaceutical and biotech companies under tribal sovereign law, rather than being delayed by the pending DEA rescheduling process."

"This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to innovate and lead the cannabis extraction industry. Together with Refined, we are setting new benchmarks for quality and compliance," Beginin continued.

This partnership further cements Prodigy Processing Solutions as the leader in GMP-compliant life science equipment for the cannabis extraction sector. Prodigy invites other tribes, cannabis labs, pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences companies to explore similar collaborations, leveraging collective expertise to elevate and service cannabis extraction operations worldwide. With a proven track record of innovation, compliance, and customer success, Prodigy is reshaping the cannabis industry by enhancing processing standards worldwide.

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