You won’t believe where you can legally buy Weed in Texas

You won’t believe where you can legally buy Weed in Texas

Texans haven’t been given equal access to cannabis compared to other states despite valiant advocate efforts.

Even cities that have successfully passed grassroots decriminalization laws have been met with lawsuits from the state’s attorney general. Still, the plant persists, as brands launch THCA and hemp THC lines sans stringent regulations and hefty taxes–and Texas is no exception.

Bayou City Hemp Company is in on the game, and recently announced that the entire 8th Wonder Cannabis line, Beach Break beverages, and HOWDY Cosmic Seltzers will now be available at 238 Spec’s Wines, Spirits, & Finer Foods locations. More Texans than ever will legal have access to weed drinks. These drinks contain THC that is derived from hemp, which many believe makes it legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

“No one is better suited to supply the state of Texas due to our capacity and existing distribution channels,” Ben Meggs, CEO of Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder, said in a press release. “We couldn’t be more excited to reach an even wider audience thanks to Spec’s trust in our products.”

The hemp owns multiple drink brands including Third Coast, which makes Beach Break. Bayou Hemp only purchased Houston-based 8th Wonder recently. Acquisition of the brewery and distillery added a vertically integrated craft cannabis beverage company to the Bayou City Hemp mix.

Since the buyout, 8th Wonder has continued brewing beer and distilling liquor, but now it also makes hemp THC products. The brand carries two milligram THC lime-flavored Sparkling Wonder Water, Lil Bit Cherry Limeade, and flavored gummies. Spec’s will carry both the drinks and edibles.

“The alternative beverage niche is only growing in both reputation and customer requests,” Lisa Rydman-Lindsey, a third-generation wonder of family-owned Spec’s added in the release, “Our customers know that we will bring them the best in class products, and with this partnership, we are once again showing our commitment to great brands like 8th Wonder and our customers.”

Bayou City Hemp cultivates its plant products and extracts in-house, which helps build consumer trust. That is an essential component in maintaining staying power in currently unregulated space. The beverage portfolio covers various flavors, potencies, and functionality, including both THC and CBD products. With entry into Spec’s, 8th Wonder has shelf space in over 250 Texas retail locations, with planned expansions to a few new states in the spring.

After decades of fighting for legislators to side with legalization, hemp THC brands have opted to take matters into their own hands in the Lone Star State. The growing market for hemp-derived delta-9 has been snowballing as more canna-curious consumers find products on familiar supermarket shelves. Though the legality of the products is still in a gray area, Bayou City Hemp and Spec’s are going all in.

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