Eastern Band of Cherokee’s Cannabis dispensary will open on 4/20

Eastern Band of Cherokee’s cannabis dispensary will open on 4/20

The Eastern Band of Cherokee’s cannabis dispensary will open April 20th.

The Great Smoky Cannabis Company, operated by Qualla Enterprises on the Qualla Boundary has been in limbo as tribal leadership have been discussing the funding for the organization, solving transportation of crops and discussing adult use for tribal members.

Lee Griffin is human resources director of Qualla Enterprises. He said the open date is a business decision.

“That’s the National Cannabis holiday," he said, "Nationally it’s the biggest revenue day of the year. It’s like New Years Eve at the casino.”

Griffin said at the work session that he hopes tribal council will approve an adult use ordinance before April.

The tribe voted to support legalizing the possession and use of cannabis by people 21 or older in 2023. The tribe approved medical cannabis in 2021.

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