Super Bowl celebrations spark spike in Cannabis promotions

Super Bowl celebrations spark spike in Cannabis promotions

Openly incorporating cannabis into celebratory occasions will continue to grow.

As the big game approaches, a trend is emerging that probably still somehow has something to do with Taylor Swift: an increase in cannabis consumption, especially edibles, as part of the celebration.

According to data from Weedmaps, there’s historically been a notable rise in orders for cannabis-infused goods leading up to the event — and this year’s no different.

In the week leading up to last year’s Super Bowl, particularly on the Saturday before the game, edibles orders saw a 13% jump compared to the previous week. That trend is consistent with past observations, the firm said, hinting at a growing appetite for cannabis as part of national festivities.

Additionally, the demand for infused cooking ingredients and snacks experienced significant increases, with a 21% and 12% rise, respectively, on a week-over-week basis. A more detailed comparison reveals a 33% increase in orders for infused cooking ingredients from one Sunday to the next surrounding the Super Bowl.

Arizona, the host state for last year’s Super Bowl, showed a particularly strong preference for edibles, with orders doubling in the week leading up to the event. That could suggest that edibles are becoming a preferred method of cannabis consumption during the Super Bowl celebrations in areas hosting the game.

The convenience of cannabis delivery services is also contributing to this trend. A 2021 Weedmaps Custom Cannabis Consumer Survey revealed that 40% of cannabis users view these services as comparable to popular food delivery apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates.

Furthermore, 43% of those surveyed said cannabis use makes social gatherings more enjoyable, indicating its role in enhancing the social aspect of Super Bowl parties.

Courting the tokers

Every year, dispensaries do what they can to engage with their clientele through thematic and sports-related events like the Super Bowl.

For example, The Source dispensary in Las Vegas offers special edibles giveaways, including Kiva BlackBerry Blitz Koozies, to the first 100 customers who purchase five Camino gummies during the Super Bowl weekend.

Additionally, the dispensary has curated $49 high heads quarters, specially themed in the colors of the San Francisco 49ers, alongside promoting Big Chief products displayed in Kansas City Chiefs colors, to align with the teams participating in the game.

Jeeter said its collaboration with former professional football player and Heisman Trophy winner, Ricky Williams, will release the third edition of their coveted Jeeter x Highsman live resin pre-roll multipack ahead of the game.

“Especially as we’re headed into Super Bowl weekend, we thought it was the perfect time for football fans to enjoy a Sticky Ricky exclusively developed by one of the best footballers of all time,” Jeeter co-founders Sebastian Solano and Lukasz Tracz said in a statement. The limited edition product will be available for purchase in stores starting Friday.

Not about to be out scored, Planet 13 (OTC: PLNH) is also set to kick off Super Bowl celebrations with a tailgate party on Saturday at its SuperStore, where the NFL legend will be doing a meet-and-greet with customers.

“To honor our third partnership with Jeeter, across three states, we had to roll up three baby cannons for the big game,” said Williams, founder and president of Highsman.

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