October Cannabis Sales Dip

October Cannabis Sales Dip

Cannabis sales decreased 0.7% sequentially in October after decreasing a small amount in September, according to cannabis data analytics firm BDSA. 

Looking at a per-day basis, sales decreased 3.9% sequentially. In this review, we share the results by state, beginning with the eastern markets and then concluding with the western markets. In total, BDSA estimates that sales across the 11 markets totaled $1.78 billion during the month.

Western Markets

BDSA provides coverage for Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. In October, year-over-year growth  was negative again in 4 of the 5 states, with the annual growth rates ranging from -13.1% in Colorado to 10.3% in Nevada. Growth fell sequentially in Colorado and Oregon.

Eastern Markets

BDSA provides coverage for Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In October, year-over-year growth ranged from 0.9% in Massachusetts to +127.0% in Maryland, which recently introduced adult-use. Note that Florida and Pennsylvania are medical-only markets. Sequential growth was slightly negative in all but one market. Annual growth was meager except in two states.

For readers interested in a deeper look at cannabis markets across these eleven states and more, including segmentation by additional product categories, brand and item detail, longer history, and segmentation by product attributes, learn how BDSA Solutions can provide you with access to actionable data and analysis.

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