Company launches first Hemp-based insulation product

Company launches first hemp-based insulation product

Kingspan‘s new bio-based insulation HemKor product range is largely made of hemp and can help drive down the embodied carbon of buildings.

HemKor, the new bio-based insulation product range, offers three products to help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

Jute Blend has a bio-based content of around 80%, combining hemp with recycled jute bags and offers a thermal performance of 0.040 W/mk.

The HemKor Pure product, with a bio-based content of over 95%, has a thermal performance of 0.043 W/mK. There is also a HemKor Padding product available.

Both products have been tested according to the NCS 16785 standard for bio-based products.

Why has hemp been used?

A circulation crop, hemp can be grown within four months and stores a high amount of carbon in its 3-metre deep roots and tall stalks. It can absorb and store between 9 and 13 tonnes of CO2 per harvested hectare through photosynthesis.

The new HemKor product range is part of Kingspan’s 10-year sustainability programme and 2030 commitments.

Earlier this year, the Group launched its LEC (Lower Embodied Carbon) range of insulated panel solutions in the UK and Republic of Ireland, which represented a significant breakthrough in reducing embodied carbon across its QuadCore product range.

Kingspan’s first step to a new generation of bio-based insulation

Sandra Del Bove, Group head of innovation at Kingspan Group, commented on the new bio-based insulation product range: “Pioneering sustainability in construction products has never been more important. We believe advanced material science and bio-based products hold the key to solving one of the industry’s greatest challenges, cutting building emissions and reducing embodied carbon.

“We’re applying our scale and our know-how to accelerate the development of a new generation of bio-based building materials, and HemKor marks a huge step on this journey as our first product range to include bio-based products.”

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