American Hemp Brands Elevates Presence in Hemp Product Industry

American Hemp Brands Elevates Presence in Hemp Product Industry

Chilco River Holdings' Subsidiary, American Hemp Brands, Forges Strategic Collaborations and Positions Itself for Global Growth in Hemp Product Manufacturing.

Chilco River Holdings INC, a multi-faceted holding company focused on developing high-growth businesses within diverse industries, announces updates with a wholly-owned subsidiary, American Hemp Brands INC, flourishing new collaborations with companies specializing in hemp-derived products. 

Distinguished for its adept white-labeling and manufacturing services for top-tier brands, American Hemp Brands, Inc. ("American Hemp Brands") strategically positions itself for substantial growth, aiming to establish a nationwide and global presence through an innovative range of products.

American Hemp Brands, founded in 2018 and now part of Chilco River, is a pioneering corporation specializing in the production of water-soluble legal cannabinoid nano-emulsions. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, American Hemp Brands is poised to revolutionize the cannabinoid market by enhancing the bioavailability and effectiveness of cannabinoid products for both human and pet health.

Boasting a diverse portfolio that includes Cartridges, Tinctures, Edibles, Beverages, Extracts, Topicals, and more, American Hemp Brands' production capabilities cater to all legal hemp products, extending beyond the borders of Oklahoma to serve the entire United States.

Counted among its prestigious clientele are industry leaders such as Calypso Farms, Calypso Extracts, Major Hemp, AVEINA Brand, Rogue Wolf, and YeeHaw Cannabis. The company takes immense pride in meticulously crafting premium White Label products tailored to each brand's distinct identity and vision.

"This strategic approach propels us to the forefront of industry growth, enabling us not only to meet but exceed the expectations of our valued partners," commented Jakob Jorgensen, President of American Hemp Brands, "We're enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate and broaden our product offerings."

Chief Executive Officer, Will Lovett concluded, "American Hemp Brands remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a leadership position in the hemp product manufacturing sector, dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation while fostering enduring partnerships with esteemed brands nationwide. We look forward to quickly expanding our footprint with notable customer brands, as well as that are in our own internal development."

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