Town of Simsbury bans smoking Cannabis on public property

Town of Simsbury bans smoking Cannabis on public property

The town of Simsbury is back-tracking on a plan to ban smoking in all public areas.

The original plan was to ban public smoking of all tobacco and vaping products, but the board of selectmen decided in favor of banning just cannabis in public areas after a meeting on Monday.

In the original draft, the only public place exempted from the ban was the Simsbury Farms Golf Course.

At Monday’s meeting, parks and recreation spoke to keep the exemption because of the course revenue and location.

“The closest house I can think of is probably 50-100 yards away and that’s through a dense forest, so any smoking on the course isn’t affecting anybody at all.”

When it came time to a decision, there was some back and forth on the board.

They made some changes to the original plan and unanimously banned smoking cannabis in public areas including the golf course.

“The main reason why we’re here is because of cannabis, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

When this ordinance goes into effect, those who violate it will be fined $100.

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Region: Connecticut

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