Broadway citizens voting on ballot measure that would ban Marijuana

Broadway citizens voting on ballot measure that would ban Marijuana

Residents in Broadview will vote on an ordinance that would ban marijuana sales in the city limits.

From January of 2022, when adult-use sales began through August of this year, the Montana has seen more than 516 million dollars in total sales.

There were more than $24 million total sales in that first month and it hit nearly $29 million dollars in July and August of this year.

Yellowstone County has seen more than $4.5 million in total sales in August of this year, and just under that in July.

Some say agriculture and the school drive the economy in Broadview and at this time, marijuana doesn't fit.

"We are a rural community," said Jennifer Adam. "We're very centered around the school, the children. And then the rest of the community is the ranchers. The thought of having marijuana shops in our town just does not make sense. It does not fit with the community that we already have, and the community that we're building."

The proposed ordinance prohibits marijuana businesses which are defined as a cultivator manufacturer, adult use dispensary, medical marijuana dispensary, combined use marijuana licensee testing laboratory, marijuana transporter or any other business or function that is licensed by the Department of Revenue.

"As a Town Council, we discussed it," said Mayor Roger Swartz. "And we wanted to make an ordinance so we don't have a business come out here."

Rogers says Broadview, which is close to 200 in population, would not be the smallest town to ban marijuana and similar ordinances have been passed in the state.

While, it's not legal federally, in 2020, Initiative 190 made marijuana legal in Montana. Billings is among the cities to not allow marijuana sales, something that has challenged Rich Abromeit, co-owner of Montana Advanced Caregivers.

"The city of Broadview has attempted to repeal marijuana," Abromeit said. "And is also going to be able to be a recipient of the taxes for marijuana."

"Seeing all the green buildings (marijuana shops), we're just not ready for that here in Broadview," said Connie Brewington, a Broadview resident. "It's a small sleepy little town. Everybody's friendly, and so I just don't think we're ready."

"If you bring businesses like that into town that you just don't know, who else will follow it," Swartz said.

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