New Jersey seeks feedback on proposed Cannabis Edibles Rules

New Jersey seeks feedback on proposed Cannabis Edibles Rules

New Jersey Seeks Public Comment on Expanding Edible Cannabis Product Offerings.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) has stated it is seeking public comment on proposed new rules that would expand the types of ingestible cannabis products available to consumers. 

The public comment period for the rules is now open until 15 December, 2023, with stakeholders and interested parties invited to provide feedback.

The rules are part of a set of policies adopted by the NJ-CRC in September to expand product offerings in the state’s cannabis market.

The rules have been designed to enhance variety, safety and quality of edible products.

They have also been expanded to include ingredients the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) generally regards as safe, and ingestible products will only include shelf-stable, ready-to-use items that do not require cooking, baking or storage in sterile environments.

​​NJ-CRC Executive Director Jeff Brown commented: “We believe that cannabis edibles have the potential to provide an alternative and convenient method for adults to access cannabis, and the proposed regulations aim to establish clear guidelines for their responsible production, labeling, and sale.”

The rules will be proposed for adoption at a future board meeting, and the NJ-CRC has confirmed that comments may address “various aspects of the proposed regulations to ensure that the final rules reflect the best interests of both consumers and the industry.”

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