Cannabis Store cuts through the haze of misinformation

Cannabis Store cuts through the haze of misinformation

The cannabis seller is using its place of authority to provide education on frequently asked questions.

Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is clearing up myths about the product by dramatizing the fog of differing facts and advice.

In “Cannabis Made Clear,” people with clouds encircling their heads are thinking of questions like “how long does cannabis stay in your system?” have their personal weather systems lift once their questions are addressed.

“It’s an analogy that’s very universal, this notion of clearing the fog or clearing the haze in decision making,” says Dave Rewak, senior director of marketing and consumer insights for Ontario Cannabis Store, the Crown corporation that handles online retail and wholesale distribution of recreational cannabis in the province.

Rewak tells strategy the audience in focus tests grasped the idea of clouds very quickly, and that despite it being more conceptual, really resonated with them.

The educational campaign, which also exists as a “Cannabis Made Clear” microsite, OCS curated what it says is a definitive resource for some of the most common cannabis-related questions people have.

“There’s just so much myth and misinformation out there,” Rewak points out. OCS’ resource, therefore, is meant to be an authoritative, one-stop-shop.

The integrated campaign includes over 160 pieces of media across broadcast, social, digital and out-of-home channels with some firsts for the OCS, like a Yonge & Dundas Square takeover.

“The way we developed this concept is to truly be agnostic of channel,” Rewak explains. “Unlike our buy legal work, which is inherently age-gated and intended to talk to cannabis consumers about considering where they purchase, this message…is for all Ontarians.”

This messaging is broader, and about education to help everyone navigate cannabis conversations.

The campaign’s strategic and creative was developed by Cleansheet Communications, with media production by Bestlight and media planning and buying duties handled by Initiative.

A second flight of the campaign is planned for December, with Sportsnet broadcast spots airing on hockey games. It will also come to Union Station and again at Yonge Dundas Square.

When it comes to ad spend, Rewak it’s very much inline with other “buy legal” campaigns, as that’s in equal weighting with the more educational aspects of what OCS does.

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