Delta-9 Gummies: how they compare to smoked Marijuana

Delta-9 Gummies: how they compare to smoked Marijuana

For generations, smoking marijuana was the primary method of consuming the substance.

As the plant was completely prohibited, users felt privileged to get their hands on Mexican brick weed with a low THC content.

However, things have changed markedly in recent years. Recreational marijuana is now legal in over one-third of states. The steep rise in competition has driven down prices and resulted in the creation of a host of new products. Cannabis edibles are now among the most popular products, with delta-9 gummies, in particular, causing a storm.

Before you look to buy a product such as delta-9 gummies from Premium Jane or marijuana flower, it pays to look at how they differ. This article investigates the differences between inhaled and ingested weed to help you decide which consumption method is best for you.

Speed of Effects

When you smoke marijuana, you’re likely to feel the effects within minutes. Indeed, some users suggest that the beginning of their high is noticeable after a few seconds! When you inhale marijuana smoke, the THC is delivered into your lungs. From there, it passes directly to the bloodstream and then your brain.

In contrast, the effects take much longer when you use edibles such as delta-9 gummies. You’re unlikely to feel anything in the first 30 minutes. Indeed, some users may find that it takes up to two hours. You mustn’t consume any more THC during this period. Otherwise, you could experience a stronger high than you bargained for!

After eating delta-9 gummies, the cannabinoid travels to your stomach first. The liver is the next stop before the D9 reaches your bloodstream and brain. This lengthy journey helps explain why the effects take so long to become noticeable.

With smoked marijuana, the peak effects are apparent after about 30 minutes. In contrast, it can take up to four hours to feel the peak high of a delta-9 gummy.

Strength and Duration of High

Once you smoke marijuana, the effects can last for up to six hours after use. However, you may feel residual effects for up to 24 hours, depending on the potency of the strain you use. The high from delta-9 gummies can last up to 12 hours, with residual effects possible the following day.

Advocates of smoking marijuana point out that because the THC doesn’t pass through the digestive system, consuming weed in this fashion offers a higher bioavailability than edibles. While this is true, it doesn’t account for the stronger effects of delta-9 gummies.

When the edible gets to your liver, this organ converts the THC into a stronger form, known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolic byproduct is more potent than delta-9 THC. Consequently, if you smoke 25mg worth of delta-9 via marijuana flower, it will produce a less intense experience than if you eat a 25mg delta-9 gummy.


One of the biggest issues surrounding smoking marijuana is the effects the process has on your health. Whether you like it or not, inhaling combusted plant matter harms your lungs.

The flame from the lighter you use has a temperature of at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit, usually more. You should find it easy to imagine what inhaling such hot material will do to your lungs! Also, the combustion process releases carcinogenic substances. Additionally, heating your weed to this temperature also burns off most of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

As long as the delta-9 gummies you consume come from a reputable brand, they are much better for your health than smoked marijuana. You spare your lungs and don’t have to worry about inhaling carcinogens. Edibles retain a high level of compounds and provide a pre-measured dose.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Marijuana Versus Delta-9 Gummies

There is a world of difference between smoking weed and consuming delta-9 gummies. While you can feel an intoxicating high from both consumption methods, the strength and duration of the experience differ. When you smoke marijuana, you will feel the effects more quickly. However, delta-9 gummies provide a longer-lasting high that’s more potent.

Also, with delta-9 gummies, you spare your lungs the punishment caused by inhaling incredibly hot plant matter. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about the stale smell of smoke on your clothes in the morning after a marijuana session.

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