How to preserve your Weed through the winter

How to preserve your weed through the winter

Storing weed properly is essential to preserve it, but purchasing quality products from respected farmers is just as critical.

As winter approaches, so does the need to preserve the last of nature’s harvests before the arrival of the first frost. Cannabis is harvested throughout the year, but it is crucial to always preserve buds as best as possible upon purchasing.  

Whether you procured the last ounce of a favorite strain, or take your time getting through your supply, preserving cannabis properly can keep your flower fresh and fragrant the entire winter, and beyond.


Studies point to UV light as the number one destroyer of cannabis potency. According to Medical Marijuana, Inc., “While direct sunlight is the most degrading to marijuana flower, even indirect light can cause a loss of potency.” With even indirect light affecting cannabis longevity, it is crucial to take time to purchase the perfect container.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a storage container for cannabis.  According to Healthline, “Light, humidity, temperature, and oxygen can all mess with cannabis and affect its aroma, taste, and potency potential.” Therefore the container must be airtight to prevent unwanted humidity and oxygen from entering. Be sure to have a container with a secure seal.

The container’s material is also important. Many dispensaries provide cannabis in plastic containers. This works for quick storage purposes, but when preserving marijuana for a long period of time, plastic is an enemy. Plastic containers leak air and can release some of their chemical properties. This can transfer to cannabis and change its flavor and taste.  Plastic can also cause sweating inside the container or bag, which can cause mold and deterioration in quality.

Airtight glass containers are ideal. When in doubt, use a mason jar.  They are glass, airtight, inexpensive and always seem to be in fashion. Some brands have introduced opaque and dark colored jars that greatly protect against UV light. This jar style is a perfect inexpensive option for marijuana storage. 

Once you have the right container it is time to find the perfect storage location. Cannabis does not like things too hot or cold. Studies have shown heat above 78 degrees Fahrenheit contributes to deterioration of cannabis potency.  

Do not store marijuana in the freezer either.  The extreme cold dries out the cannabis and causes trichomes to break off. Instead, find a dark place that maintains a temperature around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Storing cannabis is essential in preserving it, but purchasing quality products from respected farmers is just as critical. Cannabis longevity starts in the curing process, which MedMen describes as “the process where fresh cannabis is properly dried to optimize potency, terpenes.” When cannabis is cured optimally, it can maintain its potency and integrity for up to a year.

As days get shorter and air blows colder, be sure to properly protect your cannabis. Find the perfect glass jar, a cool dark place in your home, and be sure to buy products from trusted farmers. This will ensure you will be able to savor vibrant and flavorful cannabis even while everything else around seems to be cold and dormant.

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