Wisconsin Police arrest a ‘Snap Chat Bulk Marijuana’ distributor

Wisconsin Police Arrest a ‘Snap Chat Bulk Marijuana’ Distributor

A Wisconsin man that used the social media platform "Snapchat" to sell weed in bulk, has been arrested. 

Alan Yang (also known as Lil Yang) is facing ten charges after police executed a search warrant at his residence. Lil Yang was operating a "bulk weed distribution company" that used Snapchat to see his weed.

So here's how this giant bust went down...Cops were watching a vehicle, that belonged to Lil Yang. The car made it's way to a parking lot. A man approached the vehicle, and the man left with a brown bag. Cops made their move after the brown bag man left the parking lot. The man's bag contained "a pound of green plant-like material." Wonder what that was, ohh...weed.

The brown bag man told the cops who Lil Yang was, and said he buys his weed from Lil Yang off Snapchat. Brown Bag Man said ha had been buying the weed from Lil Yang for about two years.

So the police raid of Lil Yang's house discovered a lot of stuff!

3,112.26 grams of hashish oil 

580 one gram THC cartridges

8,531.96 grams of marijuana

25.70 grams of psilocybin mushrooms

A firearm

Drug paraphernalia involved with the manufacturing of THC vape cartridge equipment

$29,423 in U.S. currency

Drug paraphernalia

Using the Snapchat App was big business for Lil Yang, he had a professional photography studio set up in his basement. Gotta make sure you have all the proper filter even for weed! He also had a creative side to him, Yang was manufacturing THC vape cartridges that he would sell.

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Region: Wisconsin

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