Green Light District, a Pensacola Hemp Dispensary, Aims to Change the Narrative of CBD and Hemp

Green Light District, a Pensacola Hemp Dispensary, Aims to Change the Narrative of CBD and Hemp

PENSACOLA - Green Light District is quickly becoming the Gulf Coast's premium hemp dispensary.

Since opening in October 2022, they have stood out in the industry by operating under the same procedures and regulations as California Cannabis Dispensaries. High standards are being set by the young Pensacola owners and best friends, Cody Mathis and Aaron Crooke, and they are dedicated to the growth and innovation in the cannabis world from seed to sale.

"With an oversaturated market following the 'CBD Gold Rush,' it can be hard to find a reliable company. Green Light District stands to lead by example in terms of operating procedures and compliance, as well as providing education to the consumer," said Mathis.

In addition to setting new standards of purity, Green Light District strives to provide education about cannabis and hemp, providing unbiased, fact-driven news and reports through multiple media channels. This includes social media, blogs, and their new podcast, so people know exactly what they're consuming.

Clean cannabis means trusted sourcing, and the Green Light promise includes full certifications of analysis on every product.

"We do not believe in adding cutting agents or diluting our products," said Crooke. "All products are lab tested with the highest panel to test for pesticides, heavy metals, or Vitamin E, among many other additives common in the alternative cannabis marketplace."

Green Light District is working closely with the most innovative hemp farms and facilities throughout the United States. They're also making themselves known by visiting local hemp farms, and attending cannabis summits, local counsel gatherings, and art expos.

Region: Florida

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