P. Diddy just purchased one of the largest U.S. Cannabis Companies

Diddy Just Purchased One of The Largest US Cannabis Companies

In what is being hailed as an exponential deal to bolster the cannabis industry further, Sean Jean Combs, also known by the moniker, P. Diddy, is now on the verge of becoming a proud owner of multiple legal marijuana licenses to operate in three states.

The deal reportedly cost the celebrated hip-hop artist $185 million. Diddy is acquiring two renowned and multimillion-dollar marijuana companies, Columbia Care Inc. and Cresco Labs Inc. 

According to Nicholas Vita, the co-founder and current CEO of Columbia Care, this deal will put Diddy in a powerful position to establish himself as a significant player in the cannabis industry. Plus, with his fame and reputation, Vita believes that Diddy has the business acumen and prowess to impact the legal cannabis industry throughout the US substantially. 

While Diddy is set to revolutionize the legal marijuana sector in his own right, we believe this will greatly impact the legal cannabis sector regarding accessibility and new businesses. It is exactly why we also believe that BudBlockz (a cannabis-crypto) will make big waves in the marijuana-blockchain ecosystem. 

What is So Special About BudBlockz?

BudBlockz is a new NFT and crypto project that aims to provide several real-life use cases regarding the marijuana industry. It plans to implement blockchain innovation and power in various facets of the legal marijuana sector, such as medical marijuana dispensaries.  BudBlockz is developing a fully transparent and secure e-commerce platform on its blockchain, allowing users worldwide to buy and sell cannabis-based products legally and with the utmost privacy. 

Moreover, BudBlockz has also introduced its NFT collection, known as Ganja Guruz, on OpenSea and Rarible. They aim to allow Ganja Guruz owners to become partial stakeholders in different marijuana businesses, from retail to manufacturing. It is one of the primary reasons the company was able to sell its entire crypto collection in a private sale. 

Why are Investors Expressing Deep Interest in BudBlockz?

One of the main reasons for BudBlockz’s explosive popularity is that it is the world’s first decentralized finance cannabis crypto with a sole focus on quickly yet innovatively revolutionizing the legal marijuana industry throughout the globe. The company is developing a strong community of cannabis users, including businesses and manufacturers from different countries where cannabis is legalized. 

Moreover, investors are impressed by BudBlockz’s commitment to developing a secure and highly interoperable platform, providing users seamless access and the capability to conduct transactions by dictating their own blockchain space.  

Bottom Line

As the marijuana industry transitions to the blockchain ecosystem combined with DeFi, BudBlockz is strategically well-positioned to become an exclusive and unique platform with innovative capabilities and features to facilitate cannabis users. In addition, investors have also speculated that BudBlockz coins (BLUNT) are gearing to experience an exponential boost in value in 2023. 

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