Huntington Beach consider allowing Marijuana dispensaries

Huntington Beach consider allowing marijuana dispensaries

Huntington Beach could soon be opening the doors to the cannabis industry.

During Tuesday's city council meeting members voted on whether to lift the city's current ban on recreational marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis businesses. If this moves forward, it would make Huntington Beach only the third city in Orange County to allow stores of this kind. Currently, only Santa Ana and Costa Mesa allow dispensaries. 

"It will bring new streams of income to help fund city projects, make improvements, generate additional employment," said Army veteran Sal Solo. 

Solo attended Tuesday's meeting in support of opening dispensaries, saying that cannabis helped him manage his post-traumatic stress disorder. 

If dispensaries were to open, the city would implement several restrictions. First, the businesses would not be able to operate 1000 feet from all K-12 schools. Additionally, the businesses must be 600 feet from daycares, parks and youth centers. 

Officials would also prohibit any stores from opening in downtown Huntington Beach or the Sunset Beach area. 

The city debated the issue for nearly a year and some council members fought back against the idea. 

The measure still needs to go through one more vote in the spring to be passed. 


Region: California