P. Diddy is buying Cannabis business for $185m and might consider investing in BudBlockz


P. Diddy has recently turned into the most recent hip-hop billionaire. Now, the famous rapper wants to create turmoil in the cannabis world, announcing his plans to invest $185m in cannabis businesses.

Here’s why the cannabis industry is in the spotlight and why he might consider investing in BudBlockz.

P. Diddy Wants to Create the Largest Cannabis Business

P Diddy’s planned deal for $185 million will turn into the largest cannabis business in the world, massively increasing Black participation in this industry. While 39 out of 50 states legalized weed for medicinal purposes and 19 for recreational use as well, the industry is still stained by social stigma.

The famous rapper’s initiative will further create opportunities in this field, especially as cannabis products represent the fastest-growing industry in the US. The acquired business is a multistate cannabis operator and owns the entire process, ranging from growing weed to manufacture and distribution.

BudBlockz – A Unique Player in the Global Marijuana Industry

Thanks to the large move into the cannabis world worth $185 million, BudBlockz may be next on the list. While large, established, brick-and-mortar companies are highly profitable in this industry, BudBlockz has the first-mover advantage. It combines the cannabis industry with the investment world and the booming crypto space, resulting in a win-win-win combo for consumers, businesses, and investors.

BudBlockz is a new project in this space, but it has created a massive buzz in the media thanks to its many use cases and benefits for the platform’s users. Perhaps one of the main disruptions is that BudBlockz will finally create a secure, transparent marketplace for marijuana transactions from all around the world.

Using blockchain technology, transactions are conducted via the platform’s native token, known as BLUNT. As of this writing, more than 52 million tokens have already been sold in the presale stage.

In addition to this, BLUNT tokens can also be used to buy NFTs, which grant fractional ownership of weed businesses. This could further ease companies’ access to capital, an issue rightfully identified by P Diddy as being one of the main problems for most small companies in this field.

Hence, investing in BudBlockz may seem like a unique opportunity for savvy investors. Its huge potential and position in a multi-billion dollar industry are difficult to ignore. The crypto project is still in its presale stage until the 5th of December when it’s the official launch date. Experts expect the token’s price to soar thanks to its popularity and usability.

Bottom Line

Overall, the marijuana industry is a huge opportunity for investors. Most people from the US and other countries favour legalization. More and more studies are also conducted in this industry, which will further boost worldwide acceptance and elimination of stigma.

Valued at $13 billion in 2021 and expected to reach $200 billion in the next decade, investors and businesses will see their income booming. It is no wonder that investors want to get involved early in this complex, growing industry.

Region: North America

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