CSU study shows CBD is more effective in Water-Soluble form


When you think of cannabidiol, you might picture an oil-based tincture that you buy and put in a drink or under the tongue. If so, it's time to think again.

While oil-based CBD products tend to dominate the market, a recent study conducted in conjunction with Colorado State University's Health and Exercise program and co-funded by Caliper Foods, a company that produces cannabinoids, and NextEvo Naturals, a water-soluble CBD outfit, found that water-soluble CBD products are actually absorbed better into the bloodstream than oil-based CBD products or a CBD isolate. The study also found that water-based CBD is absorbed better when it's accompanied by food.

The study, conducted over eight months, took five formulations — one CBD isolate, three water-soluble formulations and one with CBD dissolved in medium-chain triglyceride oil, fat made from coconut and palm kernel oils — and measured how much of the CBD was absorbed into the bloodstreams of fourteen males participating in the research, as well as how long it stayed in the bloodstreams.

The results showed a significant variance between the different formulas. One of the water-soluble formulations had a circulating CBD concentration of 3.1 nanograms per milliliter, while the oil-soluble formulation had a CBD concentration of only 0.4 nanograms per milliliter.

Region: North America

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