How Ethereum based BudBlockz (BLUNT) Unites the Crypto and Marijuana Industries


If you love crypto or work in the marijuana industry, you need to know about BudBlockz. Here’s how it is changing the landscape in both arenas.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the line between the physical and virtual worlds is now more blurred than ever. The continued growth of cryptocurrency and its ability to impact real-world landscapes has been particularly noteworthy, and BudBlockz is the latest digital asset to showcase the integration of crypto with other sectors.

In this case, BudBlockz has quickly united the crypto arena with the legal marijuana industry. Given the success that both sectors are currently enjoying, it’s no wonder that interest in the BLUNT token has soared.

A growing community set to change the community

BudBlockz and the BLUNT coin isn’t the first time that a marijuana-related asset has entered the blockchain. However, it is far more than a meme coin. Budblockz is the world’s first decentralized platform specifically geared to support the legal marijuana industry and its community has the potential to change the landscape of this growing sector through an advanced ecosystem that utilizes asset-backed NFTs and fractional ownership to great effect.

The marijuana industry is growing with a CAGR of over 32%, but businesses and consumers continue to face several issues. The private yet secure transactions provided by BudBlockz support dispensaries, farms, and consumers by creating an open 24/7 marketplace in legal jurisdictions. As businesses continue to face banking issues despite the changing legislation, the decentralized blockchain tech that provides instant transactions also highlights how digital currencies and utility tokens can pave the way for a new era.

BudBlockz has further demonstrated the ability to unite different sectors by introducing digital NFTs. At its heart, though, the commitment to supporting the marijuana sector is underpinned by the fact that it sets out to launch its own dispensaries. Meanwhile, members of the BudBlockz decentralized autonomous organization will additionally have a say in future decision-making processes.

Inventors and crypto enthusiast can dip their toes in new waters

Global investors can benefit from the financial gains of BudBlockz’s success in both the crypto and marijuana industries too. Meanwhile, marijuana inventors can see some of the benefits of a meme coin while also securing the rewards of a utility coin linked to a platform that is changing an industry.

The potential of BudBlockz has already built a community of many dispensaries, farms, and related businesses while additionally creating a legion of over 50,000 individuals. Many of them have already seen their investments grow from $0.015 per token to $0.0275 despite the fact that the BLUNT token is still in its pre-sale phase. It has ultimately seen many analysts state a belief that it could grow by at least 100x over the years to come. If it plays the central role in the marijuana industry as anticipated, it isn’t hard to see how it could be a prime candidate to emerge as a top coin in 2023.

Crucially, BudBlockz has united people in both the crypto world and the marijuana sector by highlighting the genuine potential of crypto and its ability to solve problems to improve an entire industry. Given the impact it has already had in its infancy, the bond between crypto and cannabis looks set to become even closer over the years to come.

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