Study: Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Caps Effective in Older Patients with Spinal Stenosis


PHILADELPHIA - Older patients with lower back and leg pain due to chronic spinal stenosis experience statistically significant improvements following the use of hemp-derived CBD gel caps, according to data published in the journal Cureus. 

Researchers affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia assessed the efficacy of the twice-daily administration of hemp-derived CBD gel caps (15mgs) in a cohort of 48 patients (mean age: 75) with spinal stenosis.

Investigators reported that patients averaged a nearly two-point decrease in their pain scores (on an 11-point scale) during the trial period. Authors also reported improvements in patients’ appetite, sleep quality, and overall quality of life. Trial participants did not acknowledge any adverse side effects from CBD therapy.

“This open-label, prospective, observational study found that treatment with hemp-derived CBD gel caps was associated with significant improvements in pain scores and several quality-of-life measures,” they concluded. “CBD gel caps were not associated with any adverse effects. Using CBD to help alleviate pain in spinal stenosis is supported by the evidence in this study.”

Previous studies have reported reduced analgesia and prescription opioid use in patients using either CBD-rich gel caps or topical creams.

Region: Pennsylvania

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