How to find the best CBD concentration for you


You’ve heard about CBD and maybe you’ve even tried it. But you may have been using the wrong CBD concentration.

If you’ve tried CBD oil tinctures or gummies a few times in the past and never really noticed a difference or saw any of the benefits you’d been hearing about, you probably weren’t using the right concentration.

Just like any other supplement, some people need more or less than others. But when you fall into the “more” category, it can feel frustrating when your wellness routine produces the same benefits as others, but costs far more. And you’re right – it shouldn’t.

Why Your CBD Concentration Matters

The terms “CBD concentration,” “CBD dosage” and “CBD strength” all refer to variants of the same thing: How much CBD is in a particular product. The numbers listed on the front of the label often depict how much CBD is in the entire bottle, how much is in a single serving or both. And it’s important to make sure you’re not confusing one for another.

Because the last thing you want is to spend tons of money on a CBD tincture that boasts 100mg of CBD only to realize it was referring to the total amount of CBD in the whole bottle, not just a serving.

Speaking of which, cbdMD does have a brand new line of high potency CBD products that are worth taking a look at – with a whopping 6000mg of CBD per bottle and 200mg of CBD in every single serving.

And yes, more CBD does, in fact, mean more benefits.

More CBD = More Benefits

Thanks to a little thing called bioavailability, not all the CBD you ingest makes it to your bloodstream. A small portion is removed during digestion, but how much is taken varies from person to person thanks to a variety of factors such as metabolism, body composition and tolerance level. Since you can’t easily test your own bioavailability, you probably don’t know how much CBD is actually making it into your bloodstream.

Of course, that’s just one factor. The degree of benefit you see after using CBD oil also depends on how long you’ve been taking it. CBD and the other cannabinoids in CBD oil take some time to build up in your system. So, the longer and more consistently you use CBD oil, the more benefits you’ll see.

But when it comes to achieving better sleep at night or decreasing your stress levels, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t see the benefits you want for another week or two. Which is where high concentration CBD comes in.

Since a portion of CBD is always lost during digestion, the more CBD you take the more benefits you’ll see, because more CBD is actually making it into your bloodstream. However, the right CBD concentration for you is one that feels comfortable and fits well into your lifestyle.

Higher Concentrations Shouldn’t Mean Higher Prices

Just because high potency Broad Spectrum CBD oil tinctures have four or five times the amount of CBD as other tinctures doesn’t mean they have to also be five times the cost. At least, not at cbdMD.

As a matter of fact, cbdMD’s high potency Full Spectrum CBD Capsules aren’t any more expensive than their high potency Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels. Even though one also contains 2mg of THC per serving.

Other companies might exaggerate the difference between the two and take the opportunity to hike the price on their full spectrum products, but cbdMD believes you have a right to affordable everyday wellness.

The other little secret other companies have been keeping is that the hemp from which CBD comes isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Back when CBD was first federally legalized with the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp itself had only just been legalized so there wasn’t that much of it around. But now a lot more hemp is being grown in the U.S., pushing down the raw materials costs.

That’s why cbdMD decided to recalibrate its prices so that it offers you the best deal for high-potency CBD on the market. So be sure to head over to their website and check out their wide selection of CBD products, from full spectrum to special formulas for sleep, calming, and pain. Feel the power of high-potency CBD without breaking the bank!


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