Mockingbird facility up and running to provide medical marijuana


JACKSON - What a difference a few months have made. The Mockingbird facility, which we first toured in January, is up and running and developing medical marijuana.

3 On Your Side has an update on Mockingbird and the work to make sure those who need the product will have access to it.

This is what Mockingbird looked like in January and then in February. This is the facility today. Employees are on site and work is underway for medical marijuana.

“Our facility is almost complete. We have plants in the rooms,” Clint Patterson said. “We have four flower rooms that are fully in flower right now. Our first harvest will be, it’s planned to be October 11th. And so once we start drying and curing that material, we’ll have product ready for the state of Mississippi in, around November 1st.”

Clint Patterson is the Mockingbird CEO. The former prosecutor says they have done a great deal of work to make sure they are ready to provide top-grade products to dispensaries.

“We feel like this facility is a pharmaceutical grade facility. And so we’ve taken great pains and spent the extra money to make sure that we have everything covered that we don’t bring in any kind of outside pollutants, any disease, any mold, any mildew that can affect patients,” Patterson said.

Mockingbird is also working with Nandy’s Candies on edibles. Emmie King of Nandy’s Candy has formed a company called Uncloudy Day to help create edibles.

“For me, this is also something that my Mom, my family, and everyone involved said yes to because you want it to be safe,” said King. “You want it to be made something that you know about. You know from the ingredients that it comes from, from scratch to what’s gonna go into your body.

I mean it needs to be something that you know is healthy and that is going to be quality made. And if you know me, that’s what it’s gonna be.”

The State Department of Health will be able to track every plant that Mockingbird produces.

“These are called metric tags. Metric is an independent company, that’s a third party that the state hired and they are basically the watchdogs over this industry. And so the first step in keeping a regulated product is to have each individual plant tagged,” Patterson stated.

Patterson says another goal is making sure those who need medical marijuana have access to it.

“There are dispensaries that have already signed contracts and are gonna be fully supplied and ready to serve patients in November. So it’s time to go get your cards. Go see your doctor, and see if you qualify and get your request into the state of Mississippi and get your cards and this program will be off and running,” Patterson said.

Patterson also tells us the industry is working on mobile clinics to get doctors to medically underserved areas. And as you saw they are so careful with maintaining the safety of the plants we were required to wear protective gear.

Region: Mississippi

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