Why smoking Weed and going to the gym are a Match Made in Heaven


Whether it's to boost motivation, facilitate recovery or find more pleasure in exercise, weed can be your new exercise partner.

One good thing about cannabis being in the constant spotlight is that much research has been developed around it. And with the growing population of people using marijuana for exercise has been an exciting subject of study.

Researchers are beginning to debunk several myths about cannabis and prove theories that stoners have long held.

Cannabis, whether in its Indica, Sativa, or hybrid varieties, can be a support in your fitness life, but don’t think that smoking a joint and lying on the couch all day will give you the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days.

But, the question is, what happens if you mix cannabis with exercise?

Cannabis & Exercise

Cannabis Reduces Inflammation

Cannabis is known to help reduce muscle inflammation and joint pain. Many studies we mentioned above have found CBD to be a great ally in relieving inflammation.

CBD topicals are an ideal option to treat inflammation and joint pain if you are not interested in smoking or consuming it directly.

You can apply it directly to the affected area or the muscles you feel you need it after a hard workout. Even for treating specific injuries, cannabis is a great support.

Pain Relief

Being a helper in anti-inflammation goes hand in hand with being a great support for pain management.

Studies have found that because of how cannabis relates to our endocannabinoid system, it can significantly affect pain relief, including chronic or acute pain.

Something to highlight about cannabis is that it not only serves to treat physical pain in a certain way but the mental disorders that today afflict a large part of the population can also be moderated with the correct use of cannabis.

Pain is sometimes an unavoidable part of exercise if you are an athlete, even if you are not a high-performance athlete. From having sore muscles due to a heavy training load to an inevitable injury, cannabis can be that friend in difficult moments.

Improve Your Sleep

You’ve probably heard that sleep is as important as exercise. If you don’t sleep well, you don’t rest, and you won’t perform properly when exercising (psst, you won’t see results either).

THC and CBD are two prevalent cannabinoids, which can be great sleep inducers in specific concentrations, so forget about counting sheep to get to sleep.

Cannabis can be that alternative to leave the drugstore medicines aside and opt for a more natural remedy that will get you even better results.

It would be best if you always were careful with the quantity and quality of what you consume to get real rest and not feel sleepy the next day.

As a bonus, cannabis also helps with anxiety, so if you can’t sleep precisely because you are anxious and imagining all the possible scenarios in your head, a little cannabis might help to calm your restless mind.

Improves Mental Acuity

Cannabis helps many people get into the “zone” with their workouts. As a result, they perform better, focus on their workout, and even enjoy it more.

Some studies seem to indicate that low doses of cannabis may be ideal for increasing that mental understanding and helping you perform better.

Some people report that cannabis has helped them improve their concentration, reduce anxiety and stress and keep their exercise goals in mind.


Some cannabis strains are special because they boost the energy that is needed. So if you’re the kind of person who comes home from work and lays on the couch, you might want to try Sativa strains and sign up for a good gym routine.

Have you heard of the runner’s high? Well, it’s that moment of almost magical euphoria where the runner becomes one with the road and reaches that pace that feels like floating. It’s almost like being high without the need for any drugs.

 Cannabis can induce you into this state of elevation even before running, which makes many people perform better.

The Not So Nice Side

If you are an athlete, even a beginner, and are interested in testing the theories about cannabis and sports for yourself, there are several points to consider.

  • Anything you smoke can affect your lungs, so if you are not interested in a joint or vaporizer, you may want to give edibles, tinctures, or even topicals a try.
  • Another factor is knowing what to consume and when to consume it. If you consume THC in high quantities, you will most likely be so stoned you won’t even know what planet you are on, or if you consume an Indica strain, you may end up stuck on the couch, and that’s it for the day’s workout. Always do your research and be well informed before taking any product.
  • If you have any medical problems, such as heart disease, always consult with your doctor before consuming any cannabis product. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can be a great ally when exercising. It can help increase motivation, facilitate recovery, or find more pleasure in exercise. Used responsibly, it can be a great gym companion.

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