What is Kief and how do you use it?


Kief is the trichome-rich powder you’ll find at the bottom of your grinder. It’s loaded with THC, and is traditionally used as the basis of hashish.

Kief is term that refers to trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant. Cannabis kief contains significantly less plant matter than whole cannabis flower, and it is rich in cannabinoids, making it a highly potent cannabis product.

Kief is also commonly referred to as “keef,” “cannabis crystals,” “chief,” or simply “dust” due to its particulate nature. It can be harvested from marijuana leaves, flower, and plants by dry sifting cannabis with a kief box.

Another common way people extract kief is by grinding marijuana with a 3-chamber grinder; the powdery substance beneath the mesh screen is kief.

How to Smoke Kief

Kief is a powdery substance, so it is best to combine kief with cannabis flower when smoking. A popular way to smoke kief is to roll a kief joint, which is where you mix your flower with kief and then roll a joint. If you want to smoke kief without cannabis flower, you can use a pipe, bong, or dry herb vaporizer. Many kief aficionados prefer vaping kief.

How to Use Kief

There are plenty of ways to use kief even if you don’t want to smoke it. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Bake kief into edibles

Kief makes it easy to infuse your kitchen creations with cannabis. Use it like cannabis flower, but be cautious as kief is more potent than flower. Another good reason to make edibles with kief is that kief contains less plant material. As a result, the taste of cannabis won’t overpower the flavors of the main baking ingredients.

  • Add kief to your tea

Whip decarbed kief with milk or cream, blend the mixture with your coffee or tea, and enjoy a delicious kief-y concoction.

  • Use kief to make weed oil

Infuse olive oil or coconut oil with decarb kief to make cannabis oil. Read this if you don’t know how to decarb weed. Follow our recipe (replacing cannabis with kief) to make weed oil at home and store your infused oil away from direct sunlight for two to three weeks.

  • Press kief into hash

Hash is often made with kief. Non-solvent hash is easy to make, and you can easily make it with a kief press and a heat source. Here are the steps to make a non-solvent hash:

  1. Scoop kief into a mold with a kief scraper.
  2. Heat your mold of kief using an indirect flame.
  3. Pour the heated kief into a kief press.
  4. Squeeze or apply pressure to the press. Sustain the pressure until the kief turns into bricks, blocks, or spheres.
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