Hemp-based spirit The Pathfinder promises no booze and no bad vibes


Alexa M. stopped by Art in the Age in Old City last weekend to pick up a gift for a friend, and came across this non-alcoholic spirit distilled from fermented hemp.

The alchemy alone left my brain in a pretzel. Curiosity — coupled with the bottle's promise to destroy "bad vibes" and its ranking at the top of best zero-proof drink lists — left me thirsting for a taste.

Why it matters: For anyone looking for more non-alc options in the Philly metro, The Pathfinder might be for you.

Tastes like: Cola with bitter and floral notes, similar to an amaro. Ingredients include wormwood, angelic root, ginger, sage, juniper, saffron and orange peel.

Thought bubble: The Pathfinder on its own packed too large a punch for my liking. But I loved how refreshing it was when I turned it into a fizzy spritz.

Where to find: Locally, The Pathfinder is only sold at Art in the Age. But you can also order bottles online.

Oh, and: Only good vibes here.

Region: Pennsylvania

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