Doctors open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Mississippi


BROOKHAVEN - Two doctors have made an efforts to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Brookhaven, called Magnolia Greens.

Dennis Sanders and his wife are co-owners of Magnolia Greens. Sanders is a doctor, and his wife is a registered nurse. The two wanted to open the dispensary to ensure that patients can receive the proper care that they need for better health.

In February 2022, Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state for people with debilitating conditions.

In November 2020, Mississippi voters approved a medical marijuana initiative. The state Supreme Court overturned it six months later by ruling it was not properly on the ballot because the initiative process was outdated.

Online registration for all types of medical marijuana licensing opened on June 1, and the Mississippi Department of Revenue started licensing medical cannabis dispensaries in July.

Magnolia Greens is expected to open in Brookhaven in October 2022. Sanders said they’re working to gather the appropriate products to ensure patients get the services they need.

He also said they want to make sure customers feel comfortable, as if they are in a doctor’s facility.

“I’m excited to start this business, as we strive to do this everyday,” said Sanders. “It’s always nerve-wracking when starting a business, but we our expected to ensure that this will be a safe and reliable place for our patients.”

Magnolia Greens will host a job fair for budtenders in the future. The business is located at 101 Whitebrooke Drive.

Patients who plan to register for medical marijuana use can review the general guide on the MSDH website. There is a 30-day approval time for licensure applications, and a five-day approval time for program patients.

Several cities have decided to opt out of the state’s medical marijuana program.

Region: Mississippi

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