Support for bill to Legalize Marijuana, Cannabis for use in Medical Treatment


MANILA: A bill that aims to legalise marijuana or cannabis as a "compassionate alternative means of medical treatment" has gained support in the Philippines.

The bill was proposed to the senate by Senator Robin Padilla, the Philippine News Agency reported.

Philippine Cannabis Compassionate Society (PCCS) spokesman, Dr. Donnabel Cunanan, said once the proposed bill becomes law, marijuana can be used for research and medications.

The PCCS is a group of patients, parents and caregivers seeking to institutionalise the legal use of medical marijuana.

"On behalf of our group, I want to thank you for your boldness. Finally after nine years of advocating, we have a bill in the Senate," Cunanan said in a statement on Thursday.

She said it is imperative that medical marijuana and its potential not only be used as a pain reliever for the dying but also as a cure for those who have a fighting chance to survive.

By tabling the bill, Padilla proposed to allow the use of medical marijuana or cannabis, as well as further research into its medicinal use.

He claimed marijuana has been used as an herbal medicine for conditions such as gout, rheumatism, and malaria.

Under the bill, medical cannabis in capsule and oil form may be used to address "debilitating medical conditions" of "qualified patients."

But Padilla, in his bill, stressed there should be penalties for the abuse of marijuana. The bill contains safeguards to prevent such abuse.

The bill also provides for enhancing research and development for medical cannabis - and the training of medical cannabis physicians and pharmacists.

Region: Philippines


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