Tennessee’s First Cannabis Restaurant set for Grand Opening


 Tennessee’s first cannabis restaurant — “Buds & Brews” — will officially open its doors in Germantown. 

The bar and restaurant serves elevated classic American dishes, and if you wish, with a side of special sauce.

“You can get chicken tenders and then you can order some THC ranch,” said Mike Solomon part owner of Buds & Brews. 

The secret here is in the sauce. 

“What is infused is the condiments. We have the 25 most common used condiments from ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing, steak sauce,” Solomon went on to explain.  

Legal, hemp-derived THC-infused condiments, desserts and mocktails are what make Buds & Brews a one-of-a-kind high.

“Everything is 1 to 5 milligrams a serving, which is very small so you can try a bunch of things,” Soloman said. “A rookie, a novice or an experienced cannabis person can have a fun time here portion controlled micro-dosing.”

You can try the Smokey Margarita or Bloody Maryjane to wash down your meal or you can finish it off with the likes of a “pot-tart” or stone skillet cookie. 

“We have like deep fried cannabis leaves and funny things like that,” Solomon laughed. 

It’s all Tennessee-made Craft Cannabis products.  

“We grow, cultivate and extract, and then we formulate different retail products, different wholesale products and retail products,” stated Solomon who is the founder of Craft Cannabis. 

After spending nearly a decade in California learning to legally grow top-shelf cannabis, Solomon said he returned home and started his own grow house in Antioch. 

Now he is partnering with those in the restaurant industry to bring the goods right to your table.

“I’m excited to make my footprint and teamed up with some great guys to do it,” Dalton Crow, who is also a co-owner, told News 2. 

Crow grew up in the bar industry, with his family owning 10 establishments throughout Middle Tennessee, but this is the first of his own. 

“We want to appeal to everyone. We want everyone to try and come give us a shot and try us out,” he said. 

While Buds & Brews may be the first of its kind in Tennessee, Solomon believes they won’t be the last. 

“Cannabis touches all cultures and all people and it’s one of the few things we can kind of all gather around and kind of get along with these days,” he smiled. 

Buds & Brews will hold an official grand opening on August 20.

Region: Tennessee

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