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Cannabis tourism yet to catch on in Toronto despite pot shops, Cannabis Carnival

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Even though pot shops are seemingly on every corner of the city and despite the opening of a nice space to light one up at Exhibition Place, cannabis tourism is not yet much of a thing in Toronto.

Though Toronto has gone from just 12 legal cannabis shops at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to close to 500 now, according to a recent New York Times story, and though it’s true that there are things like personalized tours and cooking classes themed around marijuana for eager tourists who favour bud, these aren’t exactly high times, according to those in the know.

Destination Toronto told the Sun that they’ve only received a couple of inquires in the past four years about cannabis tourism in Toronto.


Doctor explains how parents can prevent kids from eating marijuana edibles as cases double


As more states and cities decriminalize and legalize marijuana, the number of kids accidentally ingesting cannabis products has doubled, and in some areas quadrupled -- That’s according to a recent study in the U.S. and Canada.

7News’ Adrianna Hopkins talked to a pediatrician about what parents should know.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers says each year they get around 3000 calls for help over this issue, and they believe a lot of cases aren’t reported.

First things first, Dr. Caleb Ward with Children’s National Hospital says every family should have the Poison Control number posted in plain sight for themselves, caregivers, grandparents, and babysitters. That’s your first call if you think your child has eaten an edible.


Study finds Australians support cannabis use over smoking tobacco


A new study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports on perceptions and attitudes toward drug usage in the Land Down Under.

We’re all well aware that attitudes around cannabis are shifting around the world. Now, a new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare study analyzing 2019 data from Australia’s 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) sheds new light on just how much progress the Land Down Under has made surrounding cannabis perception, as well as beliefs around other substances.


No, Drake was not arrested in Sweden on cannabis charges



Unconfirmed reports on social media indicated the Grammy winner had been arrested at a Stockholm nightclub.

Rumours that surfaced on social media earlier this week that Drake had been arrested in Sweden on cannabis charges are false, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Members of the Canadian rapper’s team confirmed to the publication that Drake was in his hotel in Stockholm and had not been arrested.

Previous unconfirmed reports indicated the Grammy winner had been arrested at a local nightclub on cannabis charges. Following that speculation, #FreeDrake began to trend on Twitter, according to XXL.

Drake, who released his seventh studio album last month, arrived in the county earlier this week.


How often millennials smoke cannabis, and why it matters


The answer may surprise you.

While the general perception about cannabis suggests it is still taboo, the millennial generation is working actively to change this outlook. The millennials have been the pioneers of adult use of cannabis and a big reason why nine states reviewed cannabis reforms since 2012.

Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials have proven to be open-minded to new experiences, hence, becoming major drivers of social development. Not only is the Millennial generation changing the societal perception about cannabis, but they also contribute a lot to the evolution of the cannabis industry.


Trump hater Snoop Dogg endorses ‘Sleepy Joe OG’ cannabis bags

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The man who made “indo” a household word thought these weed pouches were hysterical enough to share with millions of his fellow stoners

Cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg sure seemed to hate Donald Trump during his administration, but he just embraced one of the former president’s most famous attack lines against current POTUS Joe Biden.

The Long Beach rapper, actor, and entrepreneur used his Instagram feed on Sunday to endorse a “Sleepy Joe OG” cannabis bag. It’s decorated with Ukrainian, Chinese and Russian flags, and copy boasts, “You won’t even remember what country you are in!”

The tagline for the fake Cannabis brand reads: “Where am I?”


What cannabis lounges could mean for the future of weed consumption


It is likely that many more laws will be implemented before cannabis lounges take off in a major way in other states.

There is something special about a lounge experience. An intentionally designed atmosphere for strangers to meet in order to enjoy ambience and interaction is something most of us took for granted before quarantine hit. The world is back open and so are your favorite bars and cafes. In fact, there might even be a cannabis-infused meeting place coming to a community near you.


From the archives: Vaporizing THC Oil: An alternative to smoking marijuana (1989)

magazine cover

Happy 710! Celebrate by dabbing and laughing at how far we’ve come… Or, if you’re feeling especially festive, follow these steps to build your own vape!

Why Vaporize THC Oil?


How many types of THC are on the market — and which one is strongest?


Many of these THCs are not pharmaceutically or commercially available, but it’s a joy to know that varied variants of psychoactive compounds are constantly being discovered.

A lot of cannabis users are very familiar with delta-9 THC and the effects it has on our bodies and mind. At a basic level, an average cannabis consumer recognizes that the major psychoactive compound present in cannabis is THC — it is responsible for the high feeling one gets after cannabis use.

However, what many consumers don’t know is the number of different THCs there are. So, in this article, we’ll briefly talk about 15 distinct THC compounds. Although more THCs still exist, these 15 are the most common ones.


Smoke and poke: A dating site for weed smokers


Do you want to have better sex with cannabis? Join the Smoke and Poke dating site to know more and get connected.

People love to discuss cannabis and sex, and that’s where Smoke and Poke comes in.

Cannabis used during sex is often thought of as an aphrodisiac. There is evidence to suggest that it can have positive effects on sexual intimacy.


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