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Time come for ganja decriminalisation

Delano Seiveright, Guest Columnist

Unsurprisingly, a recent survey showed the majority of Jamaicans in support of ganja decriminalisation - a fillip to the growing local and international movement pushing for sensible reforms to our laws that will reduce human-rights abuses, spur economic activity by complementing existing industries, and creating new ones, especially in research and development.

The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices survey commissioned by the Professor Henry Lowe-led Bio-Tech R&D Institute and Pelican Publishers and executed by prominent pollster Don Anderson and his team over the last several weeks, I pray, would be the finale to a drawn-out debate that has carried us around in glorious circles.


Jamaica's first medical ganja company launched

Professor Henry Lowe yesterday launched Jamaica’s first medical ganja company, MediCanja in Kingston, to capitalise on the multibillion-dollar industry’s commercialisation.

Lowe is the executive chairman of Biotech Research and Development Institute.

He said it would be unfortunate if Jamaica lost out to a booming multibillion-dollar industry in Europe, Canada and the United States.

He noted that Canada’s hemp industry is valued at more than US$2 billion yearly.

Professor Lowe pointed out that Jamaica was the first country in the world to develop a commercial product from ganja, Canasol used to treat glaucoma.


10 Pharmaceutical Drugs Based on Cannabis

Several pharmaceutical drugs have been developed which either contain or have similar chemicals as those found in the cannabis plant. Some researchers have used their understanding of how the brain processes cannabinoids to develop drugs which follow the same pathways but work differently than marijuana. 

A sample of those pharmaceutical drugs based on marijuana are listed below with their names, trade names, manufacturers, cannabis-related properties, suggested medical uses, and approval statuses.


Is Britain Set for Its Very Own Cannabis Revolution? | VICE | United Kingdom

Doug Fine giving a talk on cannabis law reform at London South Bank University. Oh my! (Photo by Jake Lewis)


‘Legalising dagga could end gangs’ - Crime & Courts | IOL News

IOL dagga_jan 22Independent NewspapersFile photo

Cape Town -

The Anti-Drug Alliance is calling for the decriminalisation of dagga, saying money spent on criminalising it should be spent on rehabilitating drug users.

In a report, “At what cost? The futility of the war on drugs in South Africa”, released this month, the alliance’s chief executive, Quintin van Kerken, said legalising dagga would help to make the government money, as it would be able to tax it.


Very First Human Trials Using Cannabis To Treat Brain Cancer Under Way

cellsThe picture to your left is showing immunofluorescence of the human glioma cell line. (View more pictures here)

A European based pharmaceutical company called GW Pharmaceuticals is set to commence its first phase of clinical trials for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). It’s a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform.


Cannabinoids Could Slow Parkinson’s, Study Explains Why

New research out of the UK may explain why chemicals from marijuana offer protection in various models of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s is more common among the aging population and is marked by a widespread loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain.

However, investigators from the Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry at University of Plymouth say that numerous studies have found cannabinoids to protect cells from Parkinson’s-related damage.

Cannabinoids such as Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] are neuroprotective in animal and cell culture models of Parkinson’s disease.

In the latest study, the team, led by Camille Carrol, Ph.D, identified a mechanism that appears to underlie these benefits.


Uruguay's cannabis law. Weed all about it 11.12.2013 by H.C.

“A CRITICAL turning point in the failed war against drugs,” is the verdict of Martin Jelsma of the Drugs and Democracy Programme at the Transnational Institute, an Amsterdam-based think-tank. On December 10th Uruguay’s Senate approved a law that not only legalised marijuana use but also regulated its production and sale. Others have gone down this route before: the American states of Colorado and Washington legalised marijuana for recreational use in 2012. But Uruguay is the first country to do so.


Justify the weed - Justice minister to make constitutional case for revising ganja law

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter

WITH JAMAICA'S Ministry of Justice positioning itself to seek approval from Cabinet for the decriminalisation of marijuana, government Senator Mark Golding said the country is to advance constitutional justification to its international partners for the revision of the law.

Golding, the country's justice minister, said his ministry is giving active consideration to reforming the law relating to ganja in Jamaica.

Responding to questions posed in the Senate by Robert Montague yesterday, Golding said the revised law would permit the possession of small amounts of ganja, about two ounces, for recreational use.


Uruguay official: legal pot for $1 per gram

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Uruguay's drug czar says the country plans to sell legal marijuana for $1 per gram to combat drug-trafficking, according to a local newspaper.

The plan to create a government-run legal marijuana industry has passed the lower house of Congress, and President Jose Mujica expects to push it through the Senate soon as part of his effort to explore alternatives in the war on drugs.

The measure would make Uruguay the first country in the world to license and enforce rules for the production, distribution and sale of marijuana for adult consumers.

Marijuana sales should start in the second half of 2014 at a price of about $1 per gram, drug chief Julio Calzada told a local newspaper, El Pais, on Sunday.


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