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Help Legalize Cannabis In South Africa By Forwarding This Letter To Government

Below is an urgent plea from member of Parliament Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, author of the Medical Innovation Bill, a bill which aims to legalize Cannabis in South Africa for medical and industrial purposes:


Protect kids from ganja!


The strong push to decriminalise ganja in Jamaica for medicinal use or scientific purposes has accelerated recently and is said to be on the parliamentary agenda for the upcoming legislative year. Many have trumpeted potential benefits of this matter as including gains in human rights, tourism, medicinal research, taxation, agricultural and broad economic benefits.

Specifically, there has been much discussion regarding a possible medicinal marijuana industry that could bring potentially great economic benefits to Jamaica. However, not much, if any discussion, has occurred on the burdens or risks that come with decriminalising ganja.


Minister of Health Downplays Cannabis Legalisation Speculation

Aaron Motsoaledi, South African Minister of Health, responded to a call by Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament Mario Ambrosini to legalise cannabis in South Africa for medicinal use.


Decriminalisation of ganja 'long overdue', says opposition

KINGSTON, Jamaica:

The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party, says the plan by the Jamaican Government to decriminalise marijuana by year end is long overdue.

Decriminalisation would result in the abolition of criminal penalties and would require appropriate amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Phillip Paulwell, yesterday confirmed that action would be taken this year in keeping with parliamentary approval.

Spokesperson on Justice, Alexander Williams, says the decision is a step in the right direction and the Opposition is looking forward to the parliamentary debate on the matter.

He says focus should now be placed on the full legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes.


Ambrosini gives details of dagga appeal - Daily News | News

Mario Oriani-Ambrosini EMOTIONAL.JPGINDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERSMario Oriani-Ambrosini became emotional when Jacob Zuma addressed him in Parliament on Thursday. Picture: DAVID RITCHIE

Cape Town -

IFP MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini’s urgent call for the legalisation of dagga for medicinal use seems to have found an ear in the country’s top office.


South Africa Parliament Introduces Bill To Legalize Dagga

The Medical Innovation Bill, a bill to legalize Cannabis in South Africa for medical, economic and industrial purposes, was introduced in parliament today.

The bill was submitted by Member of Parliament, Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini from the Inkatha Freedom Party. The Medical Innovation Bill aims to make provision for innovations in medical treatments by legalising the use of cannabis for medical, economic and industrial purposes.


Drug control service chief explains why he is against legalizing marijuana

MOSCOW, February 14. /ITAR-TASS/. The chief of Russia’s federal drug control service FSKN has met with university students, who in the spring will take part in the youth summit Y8 Russia 2014 in the run-up to a meeting of G8 anti-drug agencies, to explain why he is so firmly against the legalization of light narcotic drugs.

“I am very negative about the idea of legalization, and it cannot be otherwise,” Ivanov said in response to a question from the student audience.


Beautiful 3-D Brain Scans Show Every Synapse

Ultrathin slices of mouse brains offer a mesmerizing look at how brain cells communicate at the tiniest scale. This research may offer clues about how the dance of our own synapses guides and animates us.

Explore more secrets of the brain online in National Geographic magazine:


Legalise ganja! More poverty, harder drugs!

Steve Lyston, Contributor

Ezekiel 34: 29 says: And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore.

Without a doubt, God created plants, herbs and vegetation for the healing of the nation and this is something I have always advocated. Some even believe that Revelation 22: 1-2 is making reference to marijuana and that it carries 12 benefits to heal the nation. However, if there are those who want to argue on that basis, they have to be very careful that it won't open a can of worms that they can't shut.


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