Friday Funny: Close Encounters

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McDonald's plan cannabis smoking section in their restaurants - or do they?

Pod people: Colorado McDonald’s offers first marijuana-friendly smoking section. Apparently

The legalisation of cannabis in the US state of Colorado has been the source of plenty of changes, but none more earth-shattering than this.


Pig found eating cannabis 'refuses to give up his stash' when police arrive

A pig who was caught tucking into cannabis plants gave officers some trouble as he REFUSED to give up his stash.

The feral porker, who was caught in Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia, was too large for the cops to seize the drugs, according to the Courier Mail .

Police said that they attended a house and saw a man inside an enclosed pen.

PAA cannabis farm

Stubborn pig: The pig refused to give up his cannabis snack when police arrived


They then spotted the pig, who was eating a “green leafy material”.


Friday Funny: Herd Mentality


Single dancing man starts a dance party. This video has been used in a TED Talk on crowd dynamics and herd mentality. If you have a funny photo or video to share, please paste it in the comments below and it may appear on the next Friday Funny! Have a great weekend, and to our Canadian readers out there, Happy Thanksgiving!!



Willie Nelson Weed Smoking Inspired Hilarious New Song

Are Jack Johnson and Willie Nelson smoking buddies? It would appear so, since the "Upside Down" singer took to the stage at Farm Aid in Chicag last week performed a song he just wrote about smoking weed with none other than vocal marijuana user and festival founder and president Nelson. The song was entitled "Willie Got Me Stoned" and it is a simple yet effective, piano-lead tune that packs a humorous punch.


Friday Funny: First Church of Cannabis Parodied on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert



On the September 29th episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen featured Indianapolis' First Church of Cannabis as part of his new comedic series "Stephen Colbert Gets All up in Your Faith." After pantomiming hitting a joint a bong, the host joked about a lost stoner apostle and blacklight caveman paintings, ending with the observation that though "There was no pot smoking at their religious services, the bake sale afterwards was ah-maaaaazing!"


Watch the full clip above.


Marijuana bundle drops from sky and slams into Arizona family's carport

  • Maya Donnelly heard a crash at night but thought it was thunder
  • When she investigated the next morning she found the black bundle, which has a street value of around $10,000  
  • Police think it was accidentally dropped by a drug smuggler's aircraft or a pilotless drone
  • Mrs Donnelly lives with her husband and their three teenage daughters in Nogales, close to the US-Mexico border
  • She said she was grateful no one was injured or killed during the bizarre incident - including their pet German shepherd


Friday Funny: Taking Selfies Officially More Dangerous Than Using Cannabis

Text "As the “selfie” has pushed its way to the forefront of popular culture — even earning recognition as an official word in the English language — it is still viewed with skepticism and is often considered dangerous for the societal egocentrism and superficiality it has come to represent. One study even found selfies are associated with higher rates of narcissism, psychopathy, and self-objectification. A new examination suggests they are dangerous in another regard: selfies are more lethal than cannabis.


Friday Funny: Big game hunters uncover MILLIONS worth of cannabis trying to find Bigfoot

The big game hunters were out hoping to find the elusive Sasquatch – but found a massive cannabis field.

They alerted the authorities after they spotted the campsite.

Texas cops seized around a staggering 6,550 plants, with some as tall as 10 feet.

Last week a hungry herd of deer got the munchies and chewed through thousands of cannabis plants.

The determined animals managed to wrangle through barbed-wire fencing to binge on the hemp - which is often used to make cannabis.

Around 1,000 were planted by the company Orhempco – but the craving herd left only 40 after devouring the patch in Oregon, America.


Florida Man Trying to Buy Weed Accidentally Texts Narcotics Captain

A Florida man looking to score drugs was arrested this month after police say he mistakenly texted the captain of the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, The Washington Post reports.

“When 29-year old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie wanted a ‘hook up,’ he began texting friends, or so he thought,” wrote the Sheriff’s Officeon Facebook. “It turns out, Lamberson’s misdial connected him to someone who knows all too much about illegal drugs.”


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