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Weeding out the truth: No substance to DEA's claims of pot-crazed bunnies

Are rabbits in the grips of reefer madness ravaging the Utah countryside? No, they are not.

What’s the difference between a stoned rabbit and a not-stoned rabbit? The layhuman may not be keen to the symptoms, subtle as they are, exhibited by indoor varieties, but an expert in the wild - he can tell.

These are bunnies. But are they high bunnies?

Such was the effect in the Utah State Senate last March, when Drug Enforcement Administration agent and canna-buzzed rabbit connoisseur Matt Fairbanks offered his testimony to Senate Bill 259, a medical cannabis bill.


Trump Tuesday: An All-Trump Debate

Since Donald Trump dropped out of Fox News' final GOP debate, Stephen decided to hold the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time.


Friday Funny: Advertising 101


Sketch about differences in advertising to men and women. From "That Mitchell and Webb Look" from the BBC about TV Advertising. From Season 3 Episode 2.



NZ: Jailed cannabis grower tells judge he wants to try his hand at lettuces once free

A cannabis grower whose illegal hydroponic business spanned multiple properties around Wellington has told a judge he wants to use his expertise to grow lettuces.

Mason Joseph Tobin, 28, had been charged after police raided several properties during Operation Hive in 2013.

He was one of the major players, helping to set up growing rooms in different houses, as well as providing equipment, plants and ongoing advice to others growing cannabis between March 2007 and July 2013.

On Friday Wellington District Court judge Bruce Davidson jailed Tobin for three and a half years.

Tobin had pleaded guilty to nine charges of cultivating and supplying cannabis and equipment.


Trump Tuesday: The GOP Team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe Trump can fire them!


Friday Funny: Listen: Paranoid drug traffickers smuggling marijuana while stoned call 911 on themselves

Two paranoid drug smugglers high on cannabis wrongly believed they were being chased by the police so called 911 on themselves

A pair of paranoid drug smugglers got so high when smuggling marijuana they called 911 to report themselves.

Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were travelling from Las Vegas to Montana with 20lb of marijuana when they pulled over and called the police.



Friday Funny: Stoner Sloth Parody

"But mum, salt is bad for you! (Stoner Sloth family dinner parody)


Friday Funny: People Kept Calling This RCMP Officer’s Cellphone To Ask For Drugs

RCMP officer John Spaans was just trying to enjoy a nice vacation, but people kept calling his cellphone to ask for drugs. “They were very persistent,” he tells BuzzFeed Canada, adding that some sent text messages with their orders.

“For quite some time I’d been getting wrong number phone calls, and getting asked for people I don’t know,” said the officer, who is with the Boyle RCMP detachment in Alberta.

But it was during his vacation in the U.S. that callers started using slang to indicate they were trying to buy drugs. The people had no clue they were calling a Mountie.

“They probably felt I was being hard to get because I didn’t want to do business with them,” Cpl. Spaans said.


Weirdest Marijuana Stories of 2015

When perusing our Marijuana archives, we made a simple yet profound discovery:

A lot of the cannabis-related posts we published in 2015 were, for want of a better word, weird.

And definitely worth sharing again.

Below, find excerpts five of the strangest pot stories from last year, complete with photos and links to the rest of the story. Enjoy.


Santa Beware: No Matter How Tempting

Santa beware: "No matter how tempting.. do NOT eat any cookies or brownies left out for you in Colorado or Washington"

If you see a funny video, comic, or article, send it our way! Have a great Christmas everyone!


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