Friday Funny: People Kept Calling This RCMP Officer’s Cellphone To Ask For Drugs

RCMP officer John Spaans was just trying to enjoy a nice vacation, but people kept calling his cellphone to ask for drugs. “They were very persistent,” he tells BuzzFeed Canada, adding that some sent text messages with their orders.

“For quite some time I’d been getting wrong number phone calls, and getting asked for people I don’t know,” said the officer, who is with the Boyle RCMP detachment in Alberta.

But it was during his vacation in the U.S. that callers started using slang to indicate they were trying to buy drugs. The people had no clue they were calling a Mountie.

“They probably felt I was being hard to get because I didn’t want to do business with them,” Cpl. Spaans said.


Weirdest Marijuana Stories of 2015

When perusing our Marijuana archives, we made a simple yet profound discovery:

A lot of the cannabis-related posts we published in 2015 were, for want of a better word, weird.

And definitely worth sharing again.

Below, find excerpts five of the strangest pot stories from last year, complete with photos and links to the rest of the story. Enjoy.


Santa Beware: No Matter How Tempting

Santa beware: "No matter how tempting.. do NOT eat any cookies or brownies left out for you in Colorado or Washington"

If you see a funny video, comic, or article, send it our way! Have a great Christmas everyone!


Trump Tuesday: 'SNL' lampoons CNN's Republican debate

"Saturday Night Live" finally took the plunge, fully parodying a primetime GOP debate, a challenge given the bulging Republican field.

The Donald Trump character got it going fast.

"Wolf Blitzer looks like Papa Smurf," Darrell Hammond's Trump said. "Debates are stupid. You should be paying me."

Jeb Bush, played by Beck Bennett, then interjects, "Um, Wolf, may I take a desperate swing at Donald, now?"

"This is what he does! He says these offensive things, then he bullies anyone who challenges him. Well, guess what? You can't insult your way to the presidency," Bush says, mirroring a line the real Jeb used last week.

The Trump character responds by calling Bush a "jughead."


Friday Funny: The Force Awakens

If you're a big Star Wars fan, we hope you enjoy The Force Awakens this weekend! And as always, if you come across a humurous photo, comic or video, be sure to post in the comments below and we may feature it on the next Friday Funny!


Trump Tuesday: Eagle Attack

TIME Magazine has released footage of Donald Trump dodging a vicious looking bald eagle.

The film was taken during a photoshoot marking Mr Trump's position as runner up in the 'Person of the Year' award, which was won by Angela Merkel.   

He agreed to pose with a bald eagle – America’s iconic symbol – for the magazine's cover story.

The idea came from award-winning portrait photographer, Martin Schoeller, who did the shoot.


Colorado McDonald's Offers First Marijuana Friendly Smoking Section In Restaurant

COLORADO – 15 Colorado McDonald franchises have announced that they are converting their McDonald’s Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas. Each facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it.

Each pod not only contains the marijuana smoke within it’s small space, but also it repels the smell of the marijuana through a ventilation tube above the pod. So, although the doors are sealed in this previous “Play Place” location, the smell of marijuana will not seep into the main restaurant as people enter and exit the facility.



Friday Funny: Newscasters Agree - Holiday Edition

Local news people agree: it's okay to be a little selfish this Christmas. Just admit it!


Someone’s turning traffic lights into cannabis lights

Someone in Serbia is spicing up motorists’ journeys by turning traffic lights into colourful marijuana symbols, a Serbian media outlet has claimed.

The lights were reportedly spotted at a main intersection in a small village called Ljubic, Serbia and on another set of lights further down the road.

The green light was turned into a marijuana leaf, the yellow featured the sun symbol and the red light was turned into a heart.

Local resident Andjelka Stojkovic noticed the lights and said: ‘Although I am middle-aged, all this looks sweet.


Marijuana grower surrenders after hearing police chopper in unrelated probe

A man who authorities say was growing marijuana in a central Florida storage unit panicked when he heard a police helicopter hovering nearby and called 911 to surrender.

The problem? Edgewater police officers were in the neighborhood Wednesday afternoon to investigate an unrelated suspicious death.

It was shortly after 12:30 p.m. when 47-year-old Jasper Harrison told the dispatcher he was “the guy” they were looking for, adding he wanted to come out without being shot.

Harrison told the dispatcher he wanted police to contact him.


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