Maine bill aims to change how edible Cannabis products are labeled

Maine bill aims to change how edible Cannabis products are labeled

A Maine bill aims to remove a label required on certain recreational marijuana products that tells people there's THC in it.

Currently, every adult-use edible cannabis product in Maine is required to be stamped with a universal symbol to tell those looking at it that it contains THC. A bill sponsored by Representative David Boyer of Poland seeks to change that.

Some owners of cannabis stores in Maine argue the requirements are expensive and unnecessary because they already include the symbol on each child-proof packaged product.

“We don't need the Office of Cannabis Policy to parent our children like that. We are more than capable with the symbol on the bag in the package saying that it contains THC. that's more than sufficient to provide the market,” Scott Ouellette, the owner of Upta Camp Edible Company.

Those against the change, including John Hudak, the director if Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy, say the rule should stay in place because it's a public health issue.

"Risk of accidental ingestion of an adult-use cannabis gummy or hard candy is much greater than the inconvenience experienced by a cannabis product manufacturer who needs to reformulate their product recipe or buy new molds or edible food stamps,” Hudak said.

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