fbpx Heidi Klum pushing for cannabis legalization in Germany

Heidi Klum pushing for cannabis legalization in Germany

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Heidi Klum

Klum reportedly met with Burkhard Blienert, Germany’s federal commissioner on narcotic drugs, in a secret meeting.

Supermodel and businesswoman Heidi Klum reportedly met with a senior drug official in Germany recently to voice her support for cannabis legalization.

Per The Times, Klum met with Burkhard Blienert, federal commissioner for narcotic drugs, in a secret meeting.

According to local media reports, Blienert had been expecting to discuss drug abuse issues with the Project Runway star and was surprised to, instead, hear Klum’s pitch for legalization.

It was also reported that Finn Hänsel, 30, founder and CEO of the Berlin-based cannabis company, Sanity Group, attended the meeting.

Germany legalized medical cannabis in 2017 and some of Canada’s largest licensed producers have supply agreements in place with the country, including Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora, Cronos Group and others.

In 2020, the country set a record by importing nearly 10,000 kilograms of medical cannabis.

Where the country sources its cannabis, though, is beginning to change. Domestic production is ramping up and Germany has signed import deals with companies operating out of countries with lower production costs, according to a report from Prohibition Partners, a global cannabis market intelligence firm.

Earlier this month, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) tweeted that cannabis will be legal “soon.”

Lindner was reportedly referring to a policy formulated by Social Democrats (SDP), Greens and Free Democrats (FDP) in their coalition agreement last November, which vowed to legalize the use of recreational cannabis, reports The Local.de.

It is believed that Blienert will play an important role in planning how the country implements legalization, including building supply chain and regulatory frameworks.

For her part, Klum has remained quiet about the country’s plans for legalization on social media, though it has been reported that she’s an investor in the sector. Klum also recently made a music video with renowned cannabis aficionado, Snoop Dogg.

Titled Chai Tea with Heidi, the song was created after Klum was asked to sing the theme song for Germany’s Next Top Model. 

Klum told Jimmy Fallon that she wanted to add a second voice to the song and recruited Snoop Dogg to join her, who was enthusiastic about the opportunity.

Snoop Dogg, of course, is no stranger to cannabis and has invested in cannabis companies around the world, including in Germany.

Earlier this year, the rap legend’s venture capital firm, Casa Verde, invested $15 million in Cansativa, a Frankfurt-based cannabis distribution platform, reports Sifted.

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