fbpx dosist invites you to meet the most advanced cannabis delivery system in the world

dosist invites you to meet the most advanced cannabis delivery system in the world

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Award-winning cannabis leader dosist™ today announced the launch of the all-new "dosist battery" for use with dosist pods, and premiere of the "Plus w/ LRTE Collection" creating the most advanced cannabis delivery system ever introduced for a superior dose-controlled experience. 

Already acclaimed for its transformative sleek hardware and platform of precision dosing, dosist's all-new battery technology takes the delivery system experience to the next level. It's powered by a UL 1642 lithium-ion battery and features 24k gold connector pins for greater connectivity, stability and performance. The battery has also been upgraded with an advanced smart microprocessor for consistency and control, 3-second and 6-second dose options, a smart heat ramp for optimal temperature, and an easy-snap rechargeable system for convenience.

dosist also doubled down on its mission to create the world's best vaporization collection by combining best-selling, signature formulas: Bliss, Arouse, and Relax with the purest high-potency distillate (88% THC), and single strain live resin terpene extract (LRTE) for the new dosist Plus w/ LRTE Collection. The formulas and battery are available in dispensaries across California, including Actor Woody Harrelson's new "The Woods" dispensary in Hollywood.

"Our design and engineering team has long-been focused on innovating our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and fans. The all-new dosist battery and Plus w/ LRTE Collection are essential in reaching that goal. Now, customers can shop our full-flavored targeted effect formulas in either the dosist pod and battery system, or our disposable Dose Pen system that is second to none," said dosist Founder and Executive Chairman Jason DeLand.

"We're also excited to share that we've launched the battery and the Plus w/ LRTE Collection in new sleek black hardware, based on consumer feedback and demand. We're confident Californians are going to love this new vaporization system."

All-new dosist battery: 

  • 6-second dosist rechargeable battery - Black - ($10 MSRP)

Plus w/ LRTE Collection Overview: 

  • Bliss plus w/ LRTE - Pink Lemonade - 88%+ THC Sativa ($30 MSRP)
  • Arouse plus w/ LRTE - Grape Ape - 88%+ THC Hybrid Sativa ($30 MSRP)
  • Relax plus w/ LRTE - Triple Cream OG - 88+ THC Indica ($30 MSRP) 
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