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The preferred way to own marijuana stock

2019 has gotten off to a great start for marijuana stocks. After a tough 2018, investors are excited about new prospects for cannabis companies, including the recent legalization of hemp production in the U.S. and the ongoing trend toward more jurisdictions making medical and recreational marijuana use legal. Companies in the budding industry have moved aggressively to raise cash, going public and increasingly moving to list their shares on U.S. exchanges in order to gain greater exposure and access to capital.


Off to MjBizCon next week? Rethink your out of office auto-reply

There are so many new cannabis tradeshows around the world and meetings with investors to be had that travelling in the cannabis industry is no surprise.

You have your plane ticket and you’re ready to go. The only thing left to do is set your out-of-office auto-reply so clients know you’re away.


Anti-cannabis advocate Jeff Sessions forced out as Attorney General by Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was pushed out Wednesday as the country’s chief law enforcement officer.

Cannabis stocks, already bolstered by wins in the midterm elections, got an added boost when anti-pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his resignation Wednesday afternoon.

Exchange-traded funds that track marijuana stocks, including the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF in Toronto and the U.S.-listed ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, jumped to fresh highs on the news, gaining 7 per cent and 6.2 per cent respectively.


Election Day: How the U.S. midterm elections will play into legal cannabis laws

While more than 60 per cent of Americans support making pot legal, the politics remain fraught. When it comes to cannabis, Canada is nice but the U.S. would be a lot better.

In the aftermath of pot legalization north of the border, attention has turned to the world’s largest economy and the potential for a U.S. marijuana market that could be worth US$75 billion by 2030, according to an estimate from Cowen & Co.

Entrepreneurs and investors who are flocking to the industry say legalization is inevitable in the U.S. But while more than 60 per cent of Americans support making pot legal, the politics remain fraught.

Here’s a look at the political landscape for cannabis in the U.S. ahead of Nov. 6 elections:


Colorado issues report assessing legalization's impact on public safety

The Colorado Department of Public Safety has issued its first-ever baseline report assessing the impact of adult use marijuana regulations in Colorado. Lawmakers in 2013 passed legislation authorizing regulators to conduct the five-year review, which seeks to better identify ways in which legalization has impacted public health and safety.

Authors reported that the total number of marijuana arrests fell 52 percent between the years 2012 and 2017. In Denver, marijuana arrests fell 81 percent over this same period of time.

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