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India: Top cop blames disappearance of a huge stash of marijuana from police lock-up on hungry rodents

INDIAN police have come up with unlikely culprits for the disappearance of a huge haul of marijuana and booze from one of their lock-ups – rampaging RATS.


A senior officer blamed rodents for the disappearance of a haul of drugs from a warehouse at Nagpur railway station in the western state of Maharashtra

The rodents are said to eaten their way through a huge drugs stash

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The drugs disappeared from a secure police warehouse


A Look At Cannabis Concentrates Over The Ages

Cannabis extracts were used for therapeutic and ritual purposes since prehistoric ages. What's next with THC, CBD and terpenes oil, wax and dabs?


India: This Hyderabad Doctor Was Arrested For Selling Marijuana Chocolates On Instagram And You Thought You Could Only Upload Pics

While some people still depend on local peddlers to score weed or ganja, this 35-year-old neurologist from Hyderabad took the ‘scoring’ game to a whole new level by putting the social media to use for buying and selling of marijuana. Identified as Mohd Sujath Ali Khan, this doctor was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana-infused chocolates on the internet for the past two years. Wow, either he is a pure genius or we are too naïve to not have any knowledge of this online market. The inspector of the special operations team, handling this case, K Narsing Rao said, “He was making chocolates mixed with marijuana and selling them to his customers online through his Instagram account.” If we look at the past instances, Hyderabad seems to have a deep connection with marijuana.


Cannabis: How Legal and Accessible in India It Really Is

“Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.” ― Richard Neville

Nothing is truly hidden from anyone. All one has to do is seek it out earnestly enough. Such is the case with weed. It’s only a matter of looking and you don’t even have to look that hard, in order to find it. Yes, it’s supposed to be illegal. But, the measures and the nature of the illegalities of Cannabis in our country are, interestingly, quite relative.  


India: Making Agriculture ‘Sexy’ by Growing Cannabis

How often do you come across urban, educated 20-somethings taking up farming as a full-time gig? Rarely, correct? Meet Chirag Tekchandaney, Jahan Peston Jamas, Sanvar Oberoi, Delzaad Deolaliwala Yash Kotak, Avnish Pandya and Sumit Shah, all friends from the same batch from the commerce stream of HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, who took up agriculture to turn it into a ‘sexy’ and lucrative business opportunity.

The Bombay Hemp Company (Boheco), which came about in 2013, is India’s first industrial and medicinal hemp (cannabis) company. Located in Mumbai the company works with Union and State governments to assist farmers to improve their socio-economic standards by utilising cultivation of cannabis for industrial, construction, and pharmaceutical purposes.


Should India Legalise Marijuana?

On November 2, 2016, Lok Sabha MP Dharamvir Gandhi announced that he had received clearance from Parliament to table a Private Member's Bill seeking to amend the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 to allow for the legalised, regulated, and medically supervised supply of "non- synthetic" intoxicants including cannabis and opium. India is one of the countries where marijuana is easily available, but is not entirely legalised. In fact, during a United Nations (UN) convention in 1961, India had actually lobbied against a carpet-ban on naturally grown-substances like cannabis or opium. This was also because these substances are used for religious and cultural purposes, in our country.


Interview with Dr Arno Hazekamp, Cannabis Researcher: 'Despite Legal Sanction, Medicinal Cannabis Poorly Researched in India'

The Dutch scientist, who was in Delhi recently, speaks to Harikrishnan Nair on the relevance of medical cannabis and present status of research in the field.

What is the latest and most exciting development in medicinal cannabis research?
A very exciting development is that more and more countries are allowing medicinal cannabis to be used by patients. As a result, research becomes easy and more sources of high-quality cannabis and allied products like oil are available to scientists. Until recently, it was almost impossible to deal in legal scientific research in most countries.


India: The Village Where Cannabis Is the Only Livelihood

For hundreds of years, the tiny village of Malana was just a speck lost amid the grandiose mountains of the Indian Himalayas.

Nestled high in the higher reaches of the lush Kullu Valley, Malana used to be a four-day hike from the nearest road. Its laws, tradition says, were laid down by the village god Jamlu. People elected their own parliament and disputes were settled in their own court. Villagers would run in terror if an outsider showed up. 

But Malana is hidden no more. For centuries, the villagers have been growing the plant that has made Malana one of the world's top stoner destinations, and a battleground —at least symbolically — for India's haphazard fight against "charas," the black and sticky hashish that has made the village famous. 


Asia's Best Marijuana Is Grown In India And Its In Kerala. Here's The Full Story Of Idukki Gold

If you have ever smoked weed aka ganja/marijuana or if you know anyone who is into it, you might have heard about something like Malana hash, one of the most sought after cannabis variant in northern India.

Grown in the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh, it is pretty much a go-to stuff for stoners and available across all 'secret corners'.

But if you are a hardcore user you might have come across something called 'Idukki gold' aka 'Kerala gold'.

The name once again comes from where it is grown - Idukki in Kerala. The district which falls in the western ghats is an ideal setup to grow some real strong stuff. 


Cannabis and Migraines: A Possible New Treatment Option?

Cannabis as a medicine has an ancient history with anecdotes dating back to the Vedic period (c.1500 BCE) in India and Nepal. It wasn’t until 1839 that William Brooke O’Shaughnessy introduced the therapeutic potential of cannabis to the western hemisphere, and another 75 years after that until Sir William Osler, the father of modern medicine, proposed its use for the treatment of migraines and headaches. The criminalization of cannabis has since hindered our ability to research its potential; to-date, much of what we understand is largely anecdotal or based on animal or tissue culture experiments.


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