More states allowing telehealth consults for cannabis authorization

Until recently, the term “telehealth” was known in the medical community, but not the cannabis community.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak sent the country into lockdown, medical marijuana users in many states can now check in with a health care provider by video for authorization, rather than an in-person meeting.

According to MPP.org, 31 states currently allow telemedicine for cannabis patients – 11 of which have temporarily altered their laws as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.


Michigan: For first time, weekly recreational marijuana sales exceed medical marijuana sales

Michigan retailers sold more recreational marijuana products than medicinal for the first time last week.


Drive-through medicinal marijuana dispensary now open

On Monday, Compassionate Care by Design opened the first drive-thru medical marijuana dispensary in Southwest Michigan.

Drivers could pull into the location off Stadium Drive to pick up their marijuana prescription, just like picking up a prescription at a drive-thru pharmacy, said store manager Vanessa McKenzie.

McKenzie said this concept is to provide customers with safety, security and convenience.

"They can come through here. They can place an order, they can do a pre-order, then pull up, and grab their medicine like you’re visiting a CVS pharmacy pick up," said McKenzie.

Compassionate Care by Design has three locations in Kalamazoo County, and offers curbside pickup at the the location off Sage in Kalamazoo.


Union ‘peace agreement’ obligation erased from Michigan marijuana industry rules

While there were multiple contentious rules proposed for Michigan’s marijuana industry, one involving labor unions elicited the most passionate response at a public meeting in February.

The requirement for marijuana businesses to enter what was dubbed a “labor peace agreement” has been removed from the final version of marijuana industry rules expected to take effect June 22, Marijuana Regulatory Agency spokesman David Harns said.


Michigan Dispensaries Offer Discounts To People With Cannabis-Related Convictions

Three Michigan provisioning centers have teamed up to offer a unique discount program geared specifically toward people caught up in the trap of marijuana prohibition.

They are calling it the “Redemption Discount.”

People convicted of marijuana-related felonies will get a 10% discount, while those convicted of marijuana-related misdemeanors will get a 5% discount at the following cannabis provisioning centers:


Michigan marijuana industry changed, but thriving amid coronavirus pandemic

You can’t currently walk into a Michigan marijuana shop and peruse the shelves, but that hasn’t stopped product from flying off them.

Close to $1 million a day in marijuana flower, vaping oil and edibles is still being sold, despite coronavirus restrictions that limit sales to curbside pickup and delivery.

With approximately $27 million in April sales, the recreational marijuana industry continues its ascent as governments fill their coffers with new tax revenue, despite the coronavirus pandemic and a forced about-face within the industry.

The state experienced a record high in weekly sales, nearly $8 million, during the first week of May.


New Poll Shows Those Living In Cannabis-Legal States Consider The Law Successful

For residents in states that have legalized marijuana, the grass is indeed greener on their side.

That’s the takeaway from new polling data released earlier this month. The survey, from pollster YouGov, found that in “many states where recreational cannabis is legal, a plurality of citizens believes these laws have been more of a success than a failure overall.” 


Marijuana Industry Soars In Midwest, Even As Pandemic Lockdown Continues

As Illinois went through its first full month of coronavirus-related lockdown, an interesting thing happened with marijuana sales. Rather than drop, recreational marijuana sales reached $37.7 million, the highest total sales since Illinois legalized adult-use cannabis in January of 2020.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s can take credit for the soaring sales - or, at least, for not impeding them. Rather than close dispensaries, Pritzker made them an essential business, allowing them to stay open even as he put the state under stay-at-home orders that now extend through May.


Poll: Respondents in Adult-Use Marijuana States Say Legalization Has Been Successful

Most adults living in states where marijuana use is legal view the policy change as successful, according to state-specific polling data compiled by YouGov.com.

Respondents in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington were asked their opinion regarding whether their state’s adult-use legalization policy “has been a success or a failure.”


Recreational Cannabis Sales Continue To Rise In Michigan

The marijuana business has been booming in Michigan during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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