What You Need to Know About Virginia’s Adult-Use Bill

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Legalizing and taxing commercial cannabis sales in Virginia could generate between $154 and $308 million by the fifth year of sales. Here’s what else you might find interesting.

On February 5th, state lawmakers voted to legalize cannabis in Virginia and establish a recreational market. Both chambers’ initiative would legalize possession of an ounce of marijuana or less, and begin the process of expunging certain cannabis-related misdemeanors on July 1st. Retail sales are predicted to start in 2024, per the plans of both the House and Senate.


Home grown? Medical cannabis companies mostly out-of-state

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Once again, out-of-state business entities and owners took the majority of dispensary and processor permits for West Virginia’s long-awaited medical cannabis program.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Resources’ Office of Medical Cannabis announced that 100 dispensaries between 32 companies with locations in 23 counties had been selected. The Office of Medical Cannabis announced the selection of 10 growers in October 2020 and 10 processors in November 2020.


5 States That Might Legalize Marijuana in 2021

In 2020, the number of states that ended pot prohibition reached 15 (and the District of Columbia), as voters in four states—Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota—legalized marijuana through the initiative process. Since 2021 is not an election year, any states that attempt to legalize marijuana this year will have to go through the much more cumbersome legislative process, but at least a handful of them are poised to do so.


Marijuana possession could be legal in Virginia by this summer, here’s where the bill stands

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On Thursday, a Senate panel endorsed legalizing the possession of recreational marijuana in Virginia by this summer, though legal sales could take much longer.

The change was suggested as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee continued to debate a lengthy and complex bill in which few provisions are final.

Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) introduced the amendment in light of recent marijuana decriminalization, which took effect less than six months ago.


Lawmakers debate potential framework of legalizing marijuana in Virginia

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A bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Virginia and set the framework the potential billion-dollar industry got its first hearing before state lawmakers Tuesday morning.

Governor Ralph Northam (D) has publicly backed the effort, which as currently written would allow sales to those 21 and older starting in January 2023.

Although many lawmakers and activists expect the legislation to pass this year, what the regulatory framework looks like will be hotly debated in the weeks to come.

Though SB 1406 is far from a finished product, the measure sponsored by state Senators Louise Lucas, Adam Ebbin, and Joe Morrissey, all Democrats, includes several broad reaching provisions currently:


Virginia Moving To Legalize Marijuana Sales

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Virginia took one step closer to legalizing marijuana sales Wednesday due to legislation proposed by Gov. Ralph Northam’s team.

Backed by state Sens. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, and Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, the legislation would allow licensed people 21 and older to sell the drug starting on Jan. 1, 2023.

License-seekers will have five types to choose from: cultivation, processing, distribution/wholesale, retail and testing.

There will be limits, including a possession limit of one ounce of plant material, which is normal for most other states.


Governor of Virginia Unveils Proposal To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

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Adults in Virginia will be able to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use in two years, under a proposal unveiled Wednesday by the governor of the commonwealth.

Under the proposal offered up by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, according to local television station WRIC, adults aged 21 years and older would be able to purchase pot as of January 1, 2023. 

Citing a spokesperson for the governor, the station reported that sales of recreational pot would not begin until that day, but implementation “would have a quick timeline of roughly 20 to 22 months after the bill is passed.”


Virginia Lawmaker Reignites Effort To Legalize Cannabis In The State

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There are plenty of reasons for legalization advocates to feel confident about the outlook for 2021 in Virginia. They have support from the sitting governor, and polls showing that voters in the commonwealth are ready to take the step, too. 

Now, they have legislation to make it a reality. The new bill comes via Democrat Steve Heretick, a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates who has put up legalization proposals in the past. While those previous efforts have all fizzled out, there is good reason to believe that this time will be different. 


Virginia and Cannabis, Setting the Record Straight

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When it comes to Virginia and cannabis, Virginia didn’t see any big changes with the last US election. This is because the state had already decriminalized cannabis earlier this spring, and expanded on its own medical legalization policy this past summer. However, there’s one other thing when it comes to Virginia and cannabis, something that’s often misunderstood. Virginia was actually the first state to legalize medicinal marijuana, back in 1979.


What effect would marijuana legalization in Virginia have on youth use?

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Some local opponents of marijuana decriminalization and legalization say it increases underage use, but new studies indicate otherwise.

Since 2012, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 states and the district have legalized recreational use. Other states, including Virginia this year, have decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot and are considering legalization.

At the federal level, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted earlier this month to decriminalize marijuana possession, manufacturing and distribution. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to block the bill from becoming law, though.


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