Why Southern States Are Still Pushing Back On Marijuana Legalization

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The South may be quietly adjusting to the new legalization landscape. But for now, the good ol’ white guys prevail, and Christians have righteous morality straight from the Bible on their side.

As of the November elections, there are now 15 states and the District of Columbia who have legalized adult use. There are some 36 states that enacted or voted to enact medical marijuana laws.


West VA’s Office Of Medical Cannabis Hopes To Have Sales Start In Spring

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The state Office of Medical Cannabis is continuing to move forward with approving applications for medical marijuana businesses with hopes of having dispensaries open in the spring.

Officials earlier this month approved applications for medical cannabis processors, which will use the plants to create pills, creams and other products for medical use, as well as prepare the plants to be used in a dry leaf form.

“It will be a fairly labor-intensive process,” Office Director Jason Frame said. “They’re using chemical processes and physical processes to extract certain parts of these plants for medicinal use.

While the 10 approved processors have offices in West Virginia, some companies have experience in other areas.


8 big decisions facing Virginia lawmakers as they debate marijuana legalization

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The marijuana legalization debate moved into the mainstream of Virginia politics this week when Gov. Ralph Northam announced he’ll propose legislation in January allowing recreational use of the drug.

As lawmakers begin to seriously consider what a legal marijuana market might look like in Virginia, here’s a preview of some of the looming policy decisions identified by Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission, which recently released a 200-page report on the issue.


Virginia Governor Announces Plans To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Less than two weeks after five states voted to legalize cannabis in this month’s election, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Monday that he would introduce legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana in the state. The move comes as his administration prepares to release a report on the impact that cannabis legalization is likely to have on the state.


What a legalized marijuana market could look like for Va.

If Virginia legalizes marijuana, sales could generate up to $300 million in annual state tax revenue and create 11,000 jobs, according to a Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) report issued Monday. But legalizing the drug would not be without hurdles.


The 21 Ballot Measures We’re Watching This Election

People who say that the U.S. is a republic and not a democracy apparently haven’t heard of ballot measures. Every year, some states1 allow citizens to bypass their elected representatives and weigh in directly on an issue — bringing policy to the forefront of the campaign in a way it often is not in candidate elections.


4 Overdoses, Including 1 Fatality, Linked to Possibly Tainted Marijuana in Northern Virginia

Health officials suspect possible opioid overdoses in cases linked to hospitalizations of marijuana users in Prince William County.


If her daughter was sick and weed could help, U.S. congresswoman says she would break the rules, too

A Virginia congresswoman could picture herself defying U.S. federal law if her own daughter was sick and a marijuana medication would help, she told a couple whose daughter uses cannabis to combat symptoms of a rare form of brain cancer.

Whispering to Melanie Davis, Madison’s mother, Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria told her in a video posted on Facebook, “I’d want to do the same thing for my daughter if I ever had to make that choice.”


Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bills To Ban Searches Based On Marijuana Odor

Lawmakers in Virginia have passed two bills that prohibit law enforcement officers from conducting warrantless searches based solely on the odor of marijuana. The measures, Senate Bill 5029 and House Bill 5058, have been approved by both legislative bodies and await the signature of Democratic. Gov. Ralph Northam to become law.


Virginia Senate Passes Anti-Stop, Sniff, and Search Bill

Virginia made history last week when the state Senate approved a bill that would stop police officers from pulling over and searching vehicles simply because they smell of cannabis. The bill is meant to help stop racial profiling against people of color. 


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