States consider best ways to legalize recreational marijuana

A special legislative commission is looking into the potential effects of legalizing recreational marijuana in Rhode Island as the state's northern neighbor readies to allow recreational marijuana sales.

Bills to legalize and tax recreational marijuana in Rhode Island have stalled in previous legislative sessions. The General Assembly agreed in June to look into the issue further by creating the commission.

It met for the first time Wednesday.

Voters in Massachusetts approved legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana in November. Massachusetts officials have been cautious about the rollout and sales have been delayed.


Vermont's medical marijuana dispensaries corner the market. The biggest wants competition

Vermont's handful of medical marijuana dispensaries have exclusive permission to grow and sell marijuana in the state.  If and when lawmakers legalize non-medical weed, they will likely have a head start on a very profitable industry.

From the outside, Shayne Lynn's 2,800-square-foot building in Milton looks more like an insurance company's headquarters than a marijuana production plant.  Inside, thousands of marijuana plants grow under artificial light. Some are secured behind glass windows, others obscured inside shipping containers.

"We've been here probably roughly two years in this building now," Lynn says as he walks upstairs. "So I would say every month there's something new going on." 


Vermont medical society seeks to impede cannabis legalization

Two resolutions proposed to the Vermont Medical Society’s annual November meeting may present an obstacle for the trend of medical and recreational cannabis legalization in Vermont.

One resolution proposes that warning labels be added to medical marijuana products and would restrict the conditions by which medical marijuana is prescribed.  Many members of the Vermont Medical Society feel that there is a lack of scientific and medical evidence to support medical marijuana as a cure or alleviation for many currently accepted conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. “The more people label it as medical or something that’s legalized, the less wary people are going to be,” stated Dr. Geoffrey Kane, Brattleboro Retreat’s chief of addiction services.


Vermont physicians propose go-slow approach on pot legalization

On the heels of a legislative session in which Vermont lawmakers expanded the state’s medical marijuana program and nearly legalized the drug, the Vermont Medical Society may soon reaffirm its opposition to legalization.

And some physicians, including two specialists at the University of Vermont Medical Center, have proposed adding warning labels to medical marijuana and aim to restrict its use to conditions for which it has been proven to be safe and effective.


Vermont: The 'Medical Marijuana Doctor' will see you now: 'Canna Care' connects patients with pot

Two weeks ago, a new health clinic opened its doors in Burlington to do in Vermont what it has already done in several other states: bring thousands of new patients into the state’s medical cannabis program.

Canna Care Docs bills itself as a “medical marijuana evaluation and education center," and in places like Maine and Massachusetts, it has created an efficient new avenue for patients to gain legal access to medical marijuana.

Marta Downing, chief operating officer at the company, says Canna Care doesn’t disclose the number of clients it’s enrolled in medical marijuana programs. But its former medical director was alone responsible for certifying nearly 6,000 medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts.


Vermont marijuana commission to begin legalization study

The Vermont commission that's going to study the best way to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state is holding its first meeting.

The 13-member Marijuana Advisory Commission is scheduled to hold its first meeting Thursday at Public Safety Headquarters in Waterbury.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott created the commission by executive order earlier this month.

In May, Scott vetoed legislation that would have legalized the recreational use of marijuana next year.

Scott says he's not philosophically opposed to legalizing marijuana, but he wants to address issues such as highway safety and keeping marijuana from people who are underage.


Vermont: Gov. Scott establishes marijuana advisory commission

Gov. Phil Scott issued an executive order Thursday establishing a commission on marijuana, charged with exploring a range of options on legalization.

Two lawyers, Republican Tom Little and Democrat Jake Perkinson, will co-chair the commission which will have 13 members culled from a range of affected state agencies and from the Legislature.

The commission will begin work by Oct. 1 and deliver initial recommendations by January. Those include:

- Gathering the best available data on marijuana-related crash and crime rates

- Roadside testing options for law enforcement

- The feasibility of a new, regional impairment standard

- Strategies for youth prevention


iAnthus Capital provides Q2 corporate update

Canada has become a hotbed for marijuana investments and we do not expect this trend to end anytime soon.

Over the last two years, more than $1.5 billion has been investment in the Canadian marijuana industry and a lot of this capital has come from United States investors. While many investors have focused on companies levered to the Canadian marijuana market, some of the Canadian firms have been investing in the United States marijuana market.

iAnthus: Expands its Portfolio of U.S. Investments


10 States Most Likely to Pass Recreational Marijuana Next

Every week's there's a new story about how well recreational marijuana legalization has helped states such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon. And now several other states, such as California, Nevada and Massachusetts, have jumped on the train to reap the benefits of legalization. As the trend continues of states generating success from cannabis, where could we see future expansion of recreational use? Here's a list of 10 states most likely to pass recreational marijuana next.

10. New York


Vermont: Marijuana bill fails to pass, but legislators look to 2018

The bill that would have legalized recreational marijuana in Vermont has gone up in smoke, but legislators are saying: Wait until next year.

S.22, the Senate bill that would have allowed adults 21 and older to have up to 1 ounce of marijuana and to grow up to two mature plants and four immature plants on private property, would have taken effect in July.

Vermont legislators hoped a veto session that wrapped up last Wednesday would result in a path forward for the bill, the final draft of which included some of the compromises requested by Gov. Phil Scott, such as tougher penalties for underage smokers and those smoking around young children.


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