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Vermont appears close to legalizing recreational weed sales

A bill that would create a licensed recreational marijuana market in Vermont is headed to Governor Phil Scott’s office.

It’s not that residents could not legally possess and consume cannabis for the past two years; they just had no legal means to acquire it. This legislation would change that.

When the Vermont legislature introduced and passed cannabis legalization in 2018, the state became the first to end prohibition through lawmaker impetus instead of a ballot initiative led by advocates. That said, Vermont lawmakers failed to create a legal system of cannabis sales in the process.


Vermont Is This Close To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Sales

A new measure would prioritize minorities, women, and those disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs for a marijuana business license.

A bill that would create a licensed recreational marijuana market in Vermont is headed to Gov. Phil Scott’s office. Residents could legally possess and consume marijuana for the past two years, but had no legal means to acquire it. This legislation would change that.


Are There Any States That Restrict CBD Products?

The most lenient states permit consumers to purchase almost every CBD type irrespective of its source or intended use.

As of 2018, all 50 states have officially legalized the use of hemp-based CBD products. In the United States, governing officials initially classified CBD, hemp, and marijuana as harmful substances. However, recent medical insight encouraged federal authorities to legalize industrial hemp and CBD on a national level.

For routine CBD consumers, legalization may be good news. Though CBD-based products are manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, you’ll need to remember that each state has set its own rules regarding CBD use.


Vermont Legislative Panel Agrees On Cannabis Retail Sales Bill

Vermont legislative committee came to an agreement this week on a compromise bill that would legalize the commercial production and retail sales of cannabis in the state. The compromise reached by members of both the Vermont House of Representatives and the state Senate also establishes a framework for levying and collecting taxes on cannabis sales.


Vermont House Approves Bill Granting Automatic Expungement

The Vermont House of Representatives voted last week to approve a bill that would grant automatic expungement of low-level marijuana offenses while increasing the limits on the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis. 


Vermont Considers Expanding Cannabis Expungements

In Vermont, the House and Senate are working on legislation that would create a legal marketplace for cannabis in the New England state. They are now considering adding further expunging of cannabis convictions to the legalization package.


Vermont Agency of Agriculture finalizes hemp rules

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets has finalized rules for growing hemp for the current growing season.

The rules set standards for record-keeping, reporting, testing, and labeling. They also include provisions for disposal of non-compliant crops and products, and inspections and enforcement.

The rules are designed to protect public health, safety, and welfare, and to support the Vermont brand and production of quality agricultural products.

“The process of educating hemp registrants on how the rules apply to their operations is just beginning, and the Agency looks forward to this next phase,” Cary Giguere, the agency’s director of Public Health and Agriculture Resource Management, said in a written statement.


Will States Impacted By Coronavirus Turn To Marijuana Legalization?

States still searching for the best path forward in balancing economic and health concerns amid the continuing coronavirus outbreak also face another challenge once businesses reopen: recovering billions lost in state tax revenue, as well as millions of lost jobs.

In the long term, marijuana legalization might provide an answer. Even in historically conservative Texas, where marijuana is not legal but has been decriminalized, a movement is growing to legalize cannabis. Many believe the resulting tax revenue can help the state recover.


Vermont House Passes Bill to Tax and Regulate Marijuana

The Vermont House of Representatives on Wednesday passed legislation to tax and regulate marijuana sales in the state: The Senate passed similar legislation in the spring.

Current Vermont law, which took effect in 2018, allows for those 21 and older to legally possess and use personal amounts of marijuana – and they can also grow the plant – but it’s not legal to sell it, meaning marijuana stores don’t exist. The House approved the measure to change this by a vote of 90 to 54 through its second reading. If passed through a third and final reading, as expected, it will be sent to the state’s governor for consideration.


Vermont Farmers Fear Pot Bill Will Shut Them Out of the Marijuana Market

Ramsay Mellish knew he would need to adapt if he wanted to survive in Vermont's hard-pressed dairy industry. So, like many others in recent years, the first-generation farmer set out to diversify his crops and started growing hemp.

Mellish and his wife, Caroline, did fine growing the plant last summer, he said, netting a few thousand dollars from selling much, but not all, of the harvest from their eight-acre field. They believed that growing hemp would prepare them to jump at a bigger opportunity: marijuana.

"Ultimately, [that is] the future in the Vermont cannabis world," Mellish told Seven Days over the phone last week as cows mooed loudly in the background. "We'd like to be there at some point." 


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